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The stones whisper - Delphine's favourite


Saint-Emilion Tourisme
Place des Crénaux

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As a native of the country, I have heard the heartbeat of Gironde's towns and villages since I was a child.

The more I grew up, the more I became passionate about their stories. I like to share the peace, serenity and suspended time offered by stones and other materials often from another time. The pleasure of visits and heritage has always guided my steps towards Saint-Émilion. Solo or accompanied, it is during the beautiful season that I take the time for a few night escapades.

I then wait for the effervescence of the day to subside. I take advantage of the sunset, a dinner on the terrace and then I listen to the noises of the night spreading out over the medieval city. I know that I am going to live a unique moment because there are some noises more perceptible than others... the quivering of stones.

This limestone rock, typical of our region, dazzles at night and whispers in our ears their stories that began thousands of years ago. I wander through the alleys, the mounds, the squares... I caress and touch the stone. I take a long breath and I listen. Then I feel under my fingers the eternal vibrations of the heritage.

The magic works again. And each time, it gives me an extraordinary sensation that I invite you to discover during your next stay here in Saint-Émilion!

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