Here some advises for a confortable visit of Saint-Emilion !

To fully enjoy our medieval – and sometimes sloppy- cobblestone streets we advise you to wear comfortable shoes. Hills are not recommended.

The difference of temperature between our underground monuments, our cellars and outside can be quite important, so we advise you to wear a jacket or something warm.

In Saint-Émilion, you will find toilets in several places. Three of them located on the upper part of the town (Gendarmerie parking - Villemaurine parking (free) - or behind the collegiate church) and two of them at the bottom (near the old wash houses and Place Bouqueyre).

Inside of the village there is a limited number of parking spaces, you will be able to park your car on the free parking lot of the Gendarmerie (police station) and paid parking (around the collegiate church in the upper town and Place Bouqueyre at the bottom of the town).
For coaches, there are two areas to park vehicles: the first is at the Villemaurine parking lot (top of the town), the second in front of the train station (lower town, about 1.5km from the village)

Vehicles wider than 2 metres or heavier than 6 tonnes (PTAC) are not allowed to circulate in the centre of Saint-Émilion. Therefore, you will need to park outside the town.

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