Francs is a town of the Greater Saint-Emilion Area and is also part of the Canton of North Libourne. It is 14km from Saint Emilion, on a hill culminating at 96 meters, and is spread over 359 hectares. Today the town has 190 inhabitants, called Francs.


The town of Francs was named after a historical event when Clovis, the first king of the Francs, allied with Gondebaud; they are victorious against the Visigoths at the Battle of Vouillé in 507 and seize Aquitaine. He leaves a detachment of the Frankish army that attaches itself to the town to protect it; which took the Latin name "Ad Francos", that is to say, “To the Franks” which later became "Francs". Between 1793 and 1930, its name changed to "Franc" and then “Francs” as it is known today.

By the 9th century, a Lord of the Segur family decided to build a castle, which was then attached to the lordship of Puynormand and their barony. In the 16th century, the Segur family converted to Protestantism, which led them to completely disappear from Francs, at this point another line of lords; the Gaufreteau that succeeded them. Today the castle, partially restored, and the Romanesque church remain as precious relics of the past.


About 2.7 km of rivers, including the Ruisseau De Coudot (length 2.6 km) and Le Palais (length 0.1 km) flow through Francs.

A large majority land in Francs is devoted to farming.


"Humble pearl of the Bordeaux Area, the Bordeaux-Côtes-de-Francs nonetheless represent one of its most precious stones. For now it shines only for itself and some amateurs, but its delicate and discreet glow may well in the future eclipse more established glories." - Jean Paul Kauffmann

The appellation of Francs Côtes de Bordeaux AOC was recognized. This is one of the smallest appellations of Bordeaux. It represents 500 hectares of vineyards with many small wine estates. Learn more about the vineyards of Saint Emilion, here.


  • At 96 meters, Francs offers a beautiful panoramic view over its surroundings: the vineyards, the forests ...

  • Cycling routes such as "Churches and castles in Lussacais" can be found at the Tourist Office, and pass through Francs. The routes can be downloaded here also.
  • Two witnesses from the past:
    The Church of Saint-Martin of Francs: is a Romanesque church, built in 1605 on a knoll, among the 22 parishes that formed the lordship of Puynormand. Overlooking a landscape of vineyards, it is the only listed historical monument in the village of Francs dating from the 17th century.

    The Castle of Francs: The castle, built in the 9th century was built entirely of stone. It is the largest castle in the Lussac area and benefits from a strategic location on a high hill; enabling the town's predecessors to defend the territory when troops arrived from Castillon or Entre-de-Mers.

    The castle, built by a lord of Segur, was plundered at the time of the Religious wars by the Protestants of the region. During the Revolution, it was also mutilated. The frame that remains today dates from the 14th century. Its porch reflects the many restorations made necessary after the invasions the building suffered.


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