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The Greater

known for its landscapes and vineyards, offers a number of picnic areas ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and travellers looking to enjoy a meal in the heart of nature. Here are just a few of the popular picnic areas in the region:

  • PORTE SAINT-MARTIN in Saint-Emilion
    Grassed area with a water feature. Benches (no tables), litter bin.

  • GUADET PARK in Saint-Emilion
    Grassed municipal park, benches (no tables), litter bin, play area. Butcher's and delicatessen and "Utile" supermarket nearby. Car park and toilets nearby.

  • AIRE DE LA BARBANNE in Montagne
    Grassed area with car park. Six table-benches, litter bins

  • JEAN-LOUIS FAURE PARK in Saint-Laurent-des-Combes
    Tables in a wooded, grassy park.

  • ROMAN CHURCH in Saint-Sulpice de Faleyrens
    Two tables located behind the church. Bakery nearby.

  • ARVOUET AREA in Montagne
    Grassed area, two tables and benches, litter bin.

  • MOULINS DE CALON in Montagne
    Four tables, litter bin, shaded area in undergrowth. Exceptional panoramic view. Option to visit the mills by appointment (M. Boidron - +33(0)6 11 91 07 60). Botanical walk.

  • MENHIR DE PIERREFITTE at Saint-Sulpice de Faleyrens
    A table near the Menhir.

  • LA CROIX DE TOURANS in Saint-Etienne-de-Lisse
    A shady spot with trees and a fine view over the plain. Refuse bins.

  • THE OLD PORT OF PIERREFITTE at Saint-Sulpice de Faleyrens
    A table and bench on a grassy area facing the Dordogne.

  • LA CALE DE VIGNONET at Vignonet
    Shaded grassy area along the Dordogne. Two tables and two benches. Parking along the grassy area, landscape interpretation panels.

    Two table-benches, litter bin.

  • FONTMURÉE AREA in Montagne
    Grassed area with car park. Two benches, litter bin.

  • SAINT-GENÈS AREA in Saint-Genès-de-Castillon
    A table located near the tennis court and the church.

  • TOURIST AREA at Lussac
    Four tables and benches, litter bins, toilets, children's play area, fitness trail. Near the market town of Lussac.

    Grassed area. Two table-benches, litter bin and toilets.

  • LA LAMPROIE GARDEN in Lavagnac (Sainte-Terre)
    Six table-benches, litter bins and toilets in the municipal hall. Located in the centre of Lavagnac at the Jardin de la Lamproie, with local shops just a few metres away.

  • MONBADON AREA in Puisseguin
    Grassed area, four tables and benches, litter bins and a water point. Car park and toilets nearby. Located next to the Monbadon church, with a view of the Château de Monbadon from above.

  • PICNIC AREA at Saint-Cibard
    Grassed area, two tables and benches, litter bin. Car park nearby.

  • PICNIC AREA in Petit-Palais-et-Cornemps
    Leisure area with fitness trail. Five tables, litter bin and water point nearby (no toilets).

  • PICNIC AREA at Francs
    Grassed area, three shaded stone tables and benches. Car park nearby.

  • picnic area at cabara
    Grassed area on the banks of the Dordogne (partly shaded). Three tables and litter bins.

When planning a picnic in the Grand Saint-Émilionnais area, be sure to respect local rules on cleanliness and nature conservation. Take your rubbish with you or dispose of it directly in the bin, and respect the opening hours of the picnic areas. Enjoy your meal!

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