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When the name Saint-Émilion comes to mind, some will think wine, but others will think delicacies and traditional recipes! Here is an overview of our unmissable local specialities!



> YOU'LL SAVOUR: the famous Saint-Emilion macaroon  



This gourmet speciality has been passed down from generation to generation in Saint-Émilion since the Ursuline sisters established their convent in the medieval city in 1620.


During the Universal Exhibition of 1867, these little delicacies were tasted to accompany the wines of Saint-Emilion. The Jury was not mistaken and rewarded both wines and macaroons! Less colourful than Parisian macaroons, Saint-Emilion macaroons are made from sweet and bitter almonds, egg whites and sugar!


Their reputation is well established and no manufacturer has managed to achieve the quality of macaroons made with the recipe of the nuns of Saint-Emilion in the possession of Nadia Fermigier today.





> YOU'LL DISCOVER: the strange lamprey of Sainte-Terre



About 500 million years old, the lamprey - sometimes nicknamed "Vampire of the Seas" - is emblematic of the Saint-Emilion Area and symbol of the village of Sainte-Terre. Although already cooked in the Middle Ages in the form of pies, the lamprey has remained on our plates throughout time.


Since 1913, the name "Lamprey à la bordelaise" has allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the regional culture.


The commune of Sainte-Terre proclaimed itself the world capital of the lamprey in 1990. It has therefore chosen to celebrate this 500 million year old aquatic animal and to make it an object of study, encounters and occasions for convivial and gastronomic gatherings! Thus, every year in April, the Confrérie de la Lamproie brings together local amateurs and curious during two days of celebration and sharing: the Fête de la Lamproie.






> YOU'LL TASTE: the Crémant de Bordeaux made in Saint-Emilion


In the heart of the village, the production of Crémant de Bordeaux (sparkling white or rosé wine made according to the traditional method) has been going on since the 19th century both in the Caves de la  Tour du Roy and in the darkness of the underground quarries of the former Franciscan monastery in the Cloître des Cordeliers.





> STARS IN YOUR EYES AND IN YOUR PLATES: among the Michelin stars of the region 



Saint-Emilion's gastronomy is inspired by our local heritage and terroir. Wine plays an important role in this cuisine. It is not surprising that great chefs, such as Philippe Etchebest, have worked here.


Today the Greater Saint-Émilion Area has three Michelin starred tables:  


And many other gourmet restaurants will delight lovers of good gastronomy in Saint-Émilion. Traditional, bistronomic or gastronomic cuisine: all taste buds will find dishes to their liking! 

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