Tourism Quality



The tourist office of the Great Saint-Emilion Area is an independent association of 1901 law created in 1930, it is currently ranked Category 1.



As such, we are committed to:

· Make available a reception area and an information area that is easily accessible.

· Facilitate your procedures.

· Offer you furniture to sit on.

· Inform you for free about the local tourist offer.

· Post and broadcast opening periods in at least two foreign languages.

· Offer you free access to wifi.

· Be open at least 305 days a year on Saturdays and Sundays included in tourist or animation period.

· Answer all year round your mails.

· Provide a permanent reception service staffed by staff practicing at least two foreign languages.

· Ensure the provision of tourist maps, maps and tourist guides in paper form.

· To give you access to its dedicated trilingual website adapted to the consultation via embedded supports.

· Disseminate tourist information also on paper translated into at least two foreign languages ​​relative:

o all classified tourist accommodation with at least the name of the establishment, the postal address, the email address, the address of the website, the telephone number, the classification level;

o cultural, natural or recreational monuments and sites that may include the indication of usage rates, periods and opening hours for the public, the website and telephone and postal contact information;

o events and animations;

o emergency phone numbers.

· Update annually its tourist information.

· Show outside emergency phone numbers.

· Present the entire qualified offer of its area of ​​intervention for all the clienteles.

· Give you access to the consultation of classified accommodation availabilities.

· Process your claims and measure your satisfaction.

· Offer a tourist information service integrating new information and communication technologies (social networks, mobile telephony, geolocation ...).

· Respect the requirements of the Qualité Tourisme brand

· To put at your disposal a travel guide.

· Guarantee the reliability and timeliness of information on the local tourism offer.



Since its creation, the tourist office was designed to meet the influx of tourists wishing to visit a site widely renowned for the quality of its vineyards and its rich heritage.


The brand Tourism Quality 
Created in 2005 by the Ministry of Tourism, the brand TOURISM QUALITY™ supervises the quality initiatives of tourism professionals to improve customer satisfaction and service quality.
To host visitors in an even better way, based on their needs and expectations, this quality approach has become a priority for our tourist office. We are committed to ensure:
- A personalized welcome
- A careful and competent staff
- Proficiency in foreign languages
- Continuous improvement of services and benefits
- Skilled, clear and precise information
- A comfortable place
- The discovery of a destination
- Taking account of your opinions and treatment of your claims


This label allows us to improve, continuously, our services to always satisfy you. We are then at your disposal, including through the implementation of satisfaction surveys and recurrent complaints. Our services are also regularly evaluated by secret visits.


For more information about the certification "Qualité Tourisme", you can visit the website