Tourism Quality



Created in 2005 by the Ministry of Tourism, the QUALITY brand TOURISME™ supports the efforts of tourism professionals to improve customer satisfaction and the quality of their services.

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  The guaranteed brand we offer:

  • A clean, comfortable and welcoming place
  • An attentive, competent, attentive and multilingual staff
  • A personalized and warm welcome
  • Qualified, clear and precise information
  • The discovery of a destination
  • Continuous improvement of services and benefits
  • Taking into account the opinions of visitors and processing their complaints



The Greater Saint-Emilion Tourist Office committed itself to the quality approach in 2010 with the aim of certifying its services.


The objective of the quality policy is to constantly respond to the constitutional triptych of our structure:


Visitors: reflection on improving reception, optimising waiting times, disseminating information, increasing sales of services and shop products.


Service providers: improvement of digital practices, development of an online space for members, strengthening of knowledge and links with our member-partners.

The internal structure and in particular the staff: organisation around two main poles: reception-information and ticketing. This work of reflection led to changes in physical supports mainly in the reception hall but also on the first floor with the reorganization of workspaces.


More generally, quality management has become a priority since 2011 thanks to the team's ownership of the approach and the systematic dissemination of our actions to institutions and service providers. The evaluation of our collective performance allows us to consider future projects.


Since 2012, employees have been responsible for implementing their action plans by department, and from 2013 onwards, for proposing their indicators. The monthly monitoring of indicators thus becomes the company's dashboard.

Since 2013, the quality policy has been considered by employees as a separate operating mode. Quality is no longer a separate issue, but the management and operation of the company.


Since 2016, the Office has implemented a process-based approach, based on the following cycle:

plan > do > observe > analyze > improve


This approach makes it possible to involve the entire team in the objective of customer satisfaction.