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Wellness and crafts fair


Salle des fêtes

Saint Martin de Laye

06 83 44 93 13


Well-being and crafts fair


Organised by the Coeur de dragon association, come and take part in the well-being and craft fair.


Lectures in the hall:

  • 10.15/11am: discovering the pendulum with Gwladys MORETTO. Come with a pendulum (on sale in the hall if you need one) or a chain with a ring. Participation free of charge.
  • 11.15 a.m./noon: contact with the deceased with Karine LUMEAU. What are the signs that the deceased send us? ... and how to avoid scams. Free conference
  • 13 h 30/14 h 15 : What are cellular memories? How to get rid of them? with Gwladys MORETTO. Participation free of charge.
  • 14 h 30/15 h 15 : Learning to love ourselves to free ourselves from our emotional suffering. with Hélène DUMAS Participation by free donation, in full awareness.
  • 15:30/16:15: Self-esteem and how others see us with Marina MERLEN. Free conference.
  • 16 h 30/17 h 15: Karmic memories with Karine LUMEAU. An experience we had in a previous life that is blocking us in our current life. How can we free ourselves from them to move forward? Free conference.


Outdoor lectures:

  • 10.15/11.00: Introduction to numerology: the shape of the letters and numbers in our birth identity already says a lot about who we are. With Marie-Christine FEILLANT. Free conference
  • 11.15/12.00: Animal communication: what is it for? What are its benefits? How does a session? This lecture will end with a short meditation to reconnect you to your intuition. With Aurore DUPUY. Participation free of charge.
  • 1.30 p.m./2.15 p.m.: Shamanic bee Reiki: give the Reiki session an energy of collaboration with the spirit of nature. Group treatment at the end of the lecture. With Richard GOURSOLLE. Free conference.
  • 2:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.: Reading the Akashic archives, why do it? How to do it? With Fanny L'EVEILLE. Free conference.
  • 15.15/16.00: Naturopathy and the various support tools with Cécile JACOB. Presentation of her book. Free conference.
  • 16.15/17.15: Memory, the weak link in learning. Difficulties at school and homework are not inevitable! Analysis and solutions. Presentation of the 3 fundamental keys to academic success and more! With Laurent LOPEZ. Free conference.



  • 10.15/10.45am: Doula yoga conference, support for parenthood, the birth project, with prenatal and postnatal yoga at birth. Support/help/listening with Nelly DUMAS. Participation free of charge.
  • 11.00/11.45: "Sonobaby" workshop. Sound discovery and relaxation for children (0-10 years) with Jawenna. Free admission.
  • 12.00/12.30: Conference on foot reflexology? How can we use our feet to
    improve our health? How does it affect our bodies? Hosted by Tatiana SERRANO LUSSEAU. Free conference
  • 1.30 p.m./2.15 p.m.: Conference on mindfulness and the relationship with materials, in this case leather. Letting go through creation. With Roseline GAUCHET. Participation free of charge
  • 2.30 pm / 3.15 pm: Sophrology workshop to offer yourself a time of authentic and liberating presence, simply to feel ALIVE! with Marina MERLEN. Participation free of charge. BRING YOUR MATS
  • 15.30/16.00: Do In workshop, a relaxing self-massage based on the stimulation of energy points in Chinese medicine, led by Nelly DUMAS. Participation free of charge. BRING YOUR MATS
  • 16.15/17.00: Shamanic sound journey workshop with Jawenna (children aged 10 and over and adults). BRING YOUR MATS OR CUSHIONS



Food and refreshments on site, also a big tombola.

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