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Art Market


Mairie de Sainte-Terre
12 Av. du Général de Gaulle

05 57 47 16 23


Art Market, on Saturday 10th of June, from 10 am to 6 pm,


at the Place de la République and the Saint Alexis church in Sainte-Terre


25 exhibitors : Thérèse Tomasetti, Ghyslaine Rouzeau, Evelyne Bocchi, Karim Abdesselam, Rose Despert, Jean-François Lapique, Wilfrid-Joel Navarro, Jonathan Garcia, Vincent Avril, Anthony Lambert, Carole Brimaldi, Sandrine Bordes, Philippe Sibaud, Geneviève Bossuet, Fabienne Mogue, Mathieu Melon, Marie-Christine Constant, Audrey Anderson, Pascal Imbert and Christophe Buffet.


You can also visit the Gironde village with its avenue of hundred-year-old plane trees, the Lamproie garden in Lavagnac, the 12th-century church of Saint Alexis with its paintings by the Italian master Massimo Tessa, and the beach on the Dordogne with its famous Sœurs Guinguette dance hall.

Information by telephone on 05 57 47 16 23.




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