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Les vignerons prennent l'aire !


Aire de Camping-Car de Lussac
33570 Lussac

05 57 74 60 23


The winegrowers take over the Camper van area of Lussac


every Thursday from 8 April to 2 November from 6pm 




Come and discover some of the winegrowers during tastings at the Lussac camping car area ! 





On the programme:


  • 18th of May and 15th of June: Château des Rochers (GAEC Aroldi Gassiot) represented by Patricia and Lilian AROLDI GASSIOT
  • 8th of June and 14th of September: Vignobles Moi represented by Leonor MIO and her husband
  • 4th of May and 7th of September: Château Barrail Bellegrave represented by Hermine DESCRAMBE
  • 20th of April and 2nd of November: SCEA Château Petit Fombrauge represented by Florence LAVAU
  • 20th of July and 26th of October: Château Belle Nauve (EARL Castan et fille) represented by Nathalie CHATONNET
  • 29th of June and 21st of September: Château Beaurang represented by Delphine PUYOL
  • 11th of May and 17th of August: SCEA Vignobles Gillet represented by Florence GILLET POMMIER
  • 13th of April and 13th of July: Château Tour Guillotin (SCEA Vignobles JP Lorenzon) represented by Marie-Audrey LORENZON
  • 10th of August and 12th of October: Château Haut Beynat and Coteau des sens represented by the CARDOSO family
  • 27th of July and 31st of August: Château Trapaud represented by Béatrice and Loïs LARRIBIERE
  • 1st of June and 24th of August: SCEA Vignobles Silvestrini represented by Sabine SILVESTRINI
  • 6th of July and 3rd of August: Château Coucy represented by Florence GALANDE
  • 25th of May and 5th of October: Château Gaubert represented by Juliette GRANET
  • 27th of April, 22nd of June and 19th of October: Château Du Bois Dumas represented by Joël DUMAS


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