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Le Club Éphémère


1 Picon
33330 Saint-Emilion

05 57 24 70 60

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Le Club Éphémère at Château La Fleur Picon


in Saint-Emilion


On the 1st of July 2023


Le Grand Soir on Saturday 29th of July 2023 



The Club Ephémère was born from the initiative of Marc Lassègues, rock winemaker at Château La Fleur Picon. This


talented musician, saxophonist by training, now bass player in the band Die Cabine, decided to improvise a first evening in


2015. The following year, an association was formed, supported by friends who officially launched the Club Ephémère





Popular, free and well thought through


As the name suggests, the idea is to organise four or five evenings during the summer. 


At the beginning, the artists solicited by the small team were a little reluctant to come to Saint-Émilion. Marc Lassègues'


network and the reputation of the evenings encouraged groups to apply. "The intimacy of the event appeals to them


enormously. From now on, the selection is made by audition. The Club éphémère seems rather open and is betting on the






Aftermovie Le Grand Soir in 2018


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