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Salle Gothique - 15 rue Guadet

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On January 16th, 2020 at 7:30 pm, the History and Archaeology Society of Saint-Emilion invites you to a conference by Mr. Alexandre Maral at the Salle Gothique of Saint-Emilion on the theme: "The year 1789 in Versailles".

Archivist-palaeographer, Doctor of Letters, former resident of the French Academy in Rome, Alexandre MARAL is General Curator of Heritage at the Palace of Versailles, Head of the Sculpture Department and Director of the Research Centre.

The year 1789 in Versailles is rich in events. The city was chosen by the King to be the venue for the meeting of the Estates General, whose deputies proclaimed themselves the National Assembly after six weeks of meetings. Versailles was then the scene of the end of the Ancien Régime with the abolition of privileges and the declaration of the rights of man and citizen, i.e. the birth of a new era. Then come the days of October, marked by the irruption of the revolutionary people. 1789 is the last year of Versailles as a place of power. The rituals of court life were disrupted by revolutionary events; the monarchy's splendour was undermined by the arrival on the scene of new actors, such as the little people of Paris who invades the castle. Instead of the Royal Rulings, which are final, there is parliamentary eloquence, fertile in discussions and motions. Then, after October, the overflowing activity of a city that plays the role of a capital of France gives way to silence, abandonment and desert.

Tracing the beginnings of the Revolution from the point of view of the Versailles actors and witnesses allows us to better understand the framework of the emergence of this founding movement, but also the resistance encountered. Nothing is won in advance, on either side. This conflictual dynamic, which is fully integrated into the great history of France, is explored in great detail, notably thanks to abundant written sources.


Practical information: 

Free admission

Following the conference, a cocktail reception will be held, open to all, ON RESERVATION.
RESERVATION MANDATORY FOR THE COCKTAIL, MONDAY 13 JANUARY AT THE LATEST, specifying the number of participants to : Catherine Vauthier : 05 57 74 42 66 / catherinevauthier@orange.fr
To share this moment, a participation of 8€ per person will be requested for members of the association and 10€ for non-members.

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