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New-York 1924 - Le Baz'Art

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Le Baz'art
11 route de Loiseau - 33126 Fronsac

05 57 74 70 69


On May 18th at 9pm, at the Baz'Art, Jean Philippe Guillo on piano and Mathilde Maumont on vocals and tap dancing offer you a stroll through the streets of New York in the Roaring Twenties with the Gershwin brothers.


Broadway cabarets, abundant musicals, the car that lands in the streets lined with skyscrapers, the exuberance, the surge of jazz, the advent of the phonograph and radio, the urgency of living after the war years, the dreams of Gastby the Magnificent... This effervescence and a need for renewal were the showcase of the Gershwin brothers' creativity. Georges, the composer, and Ira, the lyricist, have created an extraordinary musical universe through astonishing and bewitching melodies.

Mathilde and Jean Philippe invite you to share this ardour, this joyful struggle, this popular and go-ahead poetry that was that of the Roaring Twenties.


Song and tap dancing: Mathilde Maumont

Piano: Jean Philippe Guillo

Outer eye: Pierre Cassignard

Choreography: Soraya Benac



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