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Les Elles Déployées - Le Baz'Art

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BAZ'ART - 11 route de Loiseau - 33126 Fronsac

05 57 74 70 69


On March 22nd and 23rd, 2019 at 8:45 p.m., come and attend the show "Les Elles Déployées".

As always, the JOB Theatre surprises its world. These "Elles déployées" are nonsense and science fiction, and are extremely effective and funny. It's thin, intelligent and constructed like a police puzzle whose outcome, surprisingly, is most unexpected! In short, a little jewel of black humour.

Not easy for a young woman to find herself in an improbable elsewhere after having dematerialized herself before the eyes of all her guests as she was about to say "yes" to her future husband! All the more difficult as she finds herself with a second young woman who tells her she has experienced the same misadventure. A comical encounter that sees these two characters trying to understand what happened to them. Science fiction, nonsense, absurdity, eternal humour are all part of this piece with a surprising and unexpected ending! It's funny, light, and written (it goes without saying considering its final) by a masterful hand! As for the two actresses, they are amazing.


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