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Biotope Festival

From May 29th to June 1st and June 22nd, 2019


The Biotope Festival returns for the fourth time to Saint-Émilion!

The theme of this fourth edition will be : "The Power of Plants". 

The Biotope Festival is an association which goal is, in France and abroad, to raise awareness and educate at school, professional, private and / or public levels, the preservation and protection of the environment and heritage, particularly in wine and agricultural territories, fluvial, maritime.





Wednesday, May 29th


10am Salle des Dominicains: Engagement Mon Restau, Head of the communes of the CDC du Grand Saint Emilionnais. With the Nicolas Hulot Foundation

1pm : Live painting by ZONG

2pm - 16H00 : Round table: the high school students of the Lycée de la Mer, Lycée Montagne, Lycée Max Linder (2° 5,6,10, litt.etSoc)

4pm : Manufacturing of the Wicking beds planter - the Local Jar. Special for families

5:15pm Château Coutet: Taste pancakes, smoothies - La Nomade d'ici

6pm Château Coutet: Show Au pied de l'arbre by Agnès and Joseph Doherty. Special for families

7:45pm Salle Guadet: Traditional music ball with the Landes trio Taffard, Colc'quinte, les jingueurs Jhouasses. Special for families. Food Truck The nomad from here. Bread and beer.



Thursday, May 30th


10:30am Salle des Dominicains: Discovery of wild plants with Benoit Perret

1pm Live painting by ZONG

2pm: Local experiences of permaculture, market gardening, various plantations.

4pm : Live painting by ZONG

4:30pm : Breast awakening: tasting, beers, teas, coffees

5:15pm Discovery of the workshops: Bach Flower Workshops. Special for families

8pm Conference: Sabrina Krief, primatologist & Ernst Zürcher, Pr in biology.

The self-medication of great apes - trees between visible and invisible. Special for families



Friday, May 31st


10:30 Salle des Dominicains: Discovery of wild plants with Aline Mercan

1pm : Live painting by ZONG

2pm : Round table: Power of plants, power of the vine J. Fourés, F. Dubourdieu, ISWV researchers, etc.

4pm : Taste

4:30 pm : Conference Trees in Psychiatric Care. The Norwegian model.

6pm : Gille Bœuf, President of the French Biodiversity Agency. Biodiversity in the face of climate change. Special for families

8:30pm : Les Moulins de Calon - Mountain

Discovery of plants, oxen, Food-truck. Show: One night's dreams at the Calon mills by the Cie du Bout des Doigts. Special for families



Saturday June 1st


10:00am Salle des Dominicains: Discovery walk - cooking of plants. B. Perret

1pm: Live painting by ZONG

2pm Film screening: Medicinal plants in France-environmental issues with the director J. Despres.

4pm Round Table: Aromatic and medicinal plants, health, economic and food issues. With doctors, pickers, pharmacologists, etc.

6:30pm : Water algae bubbles workshop. Special Families

7:30pm : Conference and Concert Arbrassons with José Le Piez and Patricia Chatelain. Special Families

8:30pm : Grand Picnic under the Trees Workshop Evening - local dishes - musical universe. Special Families



Saturday, June 22nd


7pm Menhir de Pierrefitte, St Sulpice de Faleyrens

With Les Grandes Heures de Saint-Emilion and the Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens Festival Committee

Inauguration of the Council of Young Biotopians for the Environment by B. Lauret, President of the CDC, the Mayor of St Sulpice de Faleyrens, the Jurade de St Emilion, elected by the municipalities.

José Le Piez and the actress Léonie Souchaud (Le voyage de Fanny), godparents.


Arrival of the boats with Navidor

Arbrasson Concert - Transmission of the song of the trees of the world J. Lepiez, C. Chatelain, young Biotopians

Donation of cuttings.

10:45pm : Sound and light show of the Menhir. Greeting candles on the river. St. John's fire.





Practical idea wall for the environment proposed by school children.

Dream catchers in vime made during school workshops







Blue: 5€ / 3€ : 15-18 years old / free -12 years old

Orange: 8€

Red: 18€

Green: 10€ / 5€ CDC residents, discount card / free -18 years old

Workshop pass: 5€ = 5 workshops

Festival access pass: 21€




Practical information, registration, ticket purchases on www.biotopefestival.org
Special rates and sale of PASS at preferential rates until May 8th


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