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Hydrogéological walk


Parking privé de La Madeleine

05 56 99 67 69


Follow this Hydrogeological Walk

during the "Journées du Patrimoine"

(a week-end dedicated to heritage)


In the presence of hydrogeologists, geologists and technicians (Bureau of Geological and Mining Research and agents of the Department of Gironde)


Discover the wealth of Gironde's underground water heritage, its monitoring and management.

These walks will allow to approach on different sites, in a playful way, what is the groundwater: how the tablecloths are fed, how they flow in depth, where they stand out, how is the follow-up of these tablecloths and the interest of carrying out this monitoring.


These visits will be approached on each place of visit in an identical way:

  • A first site will present some geological formations dating back several million years and in which the groundwater flows. You will be told the story of the establishment of these geological formations by the analysis of visible rocks, rocks that correspond to the "reservoir" of groundwater.
  • A second site will show you a water point (source, borehole or well) and the equipment used to monitor water: water level in the aquifers, water quality.

Visits scheduled at 10 am and 2 pm for a maximum of 2 hours

on Saturday, September 15th, 2018.

Meeting point at the private parking lot of La Madeleine, in Saint-Émilion

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