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The "Jurade" of Saint-Emilion


Conseil des Vins de Saint-Emilion
14 Rue Guadet

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The 18th and 19th of September the Jurade of Saint-Emilion will held its traditional "Ban des Vendanges".
On this occasion, forty applicants will be inducted as jurats.


Saturday, September 18th
In the evening, follow the torchlight procession of the Saint-Emilion Jurade that will travel the city to the King's Keep to start the burning of the city of Saint-Emilion with a fireworks show.

10:15 pm: Torchlight procession of the Jurade
10:45 pm: Presentation of the Jurade - Tour du Roy
11 pm: Great sound and light show 

Sunday, September 19th
The Jurade will celebrate its "Ban des Vendanges" and welcome many guests, all gathered to celebrate the new vintage.


9:00 am: greeting guests in the gardens of City Hall, rue Guadet (private event)
9:40 am: procession of the Jurade and its guests to the Collegiate Church
10.00 am: solemn Mass at the Collegiate Church (private event)
11:30 am: induction of new jurats in the Cloister of the Collegiate Church (private event)
1:00 pm: aperitif and lunch in the gardens of the Dominicans Halls (by invitation)
5:00 pm: proclamation of the "Ban des Vendanges" from the King's Keep (no ascent to the Tour du Roy in case of rain)

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