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  • The "Grandes Heures de Saint-Emilion"

    The "Grandes Heures de Saint-Emilion"

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    Classical music concerts at the Castles!     More than just a cultural rendezvous, Les Grandes Heures de Saint-Émilion has become over the years a true Saint-Émilion institution! These cultural and festive meetings in the heart of the city and the UNESCO World Heritage vineyards, allow to discover both world-famous artists and exceptional wine properties.         Live some great moments in Saint-Émilion ! >  
  • Philosophia Festival

    Philosophia Festival

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    Philosophia, between philosophical   tradition and contemporary experience     From the 26th to the 28th of May 2023     Born in 2007 in Saint-Émilion, the Philosophia Festival was created on the model and with the support of the festival "Filosofia" of Modena in Italy. Eric Le Collen, director and scenographer, is at the origin of the creation of this event in the heart of the medieval city of Saint-Emilion.                                                                       An ode to knowledge    The Philosophia festival has become in a few years a major event in France for the learning and transmission of knowledge. It offers a place of freedom where everyone has the opportunity to discover and deepen the topics of reflection of their choice. Each year, a new theme is addressed.         With the desire to offer to all - connoisseurs, enthusiasts, amateurs or just curious people - the pleasure of learning and understanding, the festival Philosophia can be described between a philosophical tradition and a contemporary experience.        A festival open to all!     Philosophia is a friendly rendezvous in the heart of the vineyards of Libourne, Pomerol and Saint-Emilion. During five days, many activities are organized for the greatest pleasure of the participants: conferences and debates led by great contemporary thinkers, tastings, or even philosophical walks.The younger ones will be able to take part in workshops to discover philosophy in a playful way.                                                                
  • Saint-Émilion Open Doors

    Saint-Émilion Open Doors

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    3 festive days to discover our appellation!       Book the Saturday 29th April, Sunday 30th of April and Monday 1st May for the Saint-Emilion Open Day to discover our wine estates !       WINEMAKER'S DINNER   The winegrowers taking part in the Saint-Emilion Portes Ouvertes invite you to discover their wines during the winegrower’s dinner organised on Saturday 30 April at 8pm, in the Salle des Dominicains (14 rue Guadet – 33330 Saint-Emilion). The Jurade will open the festivities. A convivial moment of exchange and sharing around refined dishes.   Registration required (within the limits of available places) – The booking platform will be opened soon   Price: 39€ / person (wines offered by the winegrowers)       List of the Châteaux >
  • The Battle of Castillon

    The Battle of Castillon

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    The biggest show of New Aquitaine   On the 20th, 21st, 22nd & 27th, 28th   & 29th of July 2023 On the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th   & 17th, 18th, 19th of August 2023   400 volunteer actors and 50 riders set themselves on stage to create a grandiose show at the foot of Château de Castegens in Belvès-de-Castillon on a 7-hectare stage, 3 kilometers from the historic battlefield.     A unique experience The "Battle of Castillon" evokes, in 1 hour 30, the English Aquitaine and the final battle fought at Castillon, between the Anglo-Aquitaine forces and the French army of Charles VII.   It takes the public in an intense medieval epic history, in the heart of the history of the reign of Duchess Aliénor, until the last battle of the Hundred Years War on July 17th, 1453. After 300 years of conflict, Guyenne joined the kingdom of France. Beyond the feats of arms, these intense 90 minutes, relieved of waterfalls and pyrotechnic effects, we dive back into daily life in the Middle Ages, between farms and inns, women at the well, scenes of harvest, hunting parties , grubbers and street vendors.     Animations for young and old   Medieval jousts and fights, dance demonstrations and theatrical stages are offered several times every evening before the show. Children are invited to participate in all kinds of ancient and traditional games and to discover the animals that participate in the show on their farm. Artisans and tradesmen propose their productions by strolling in the village where the amateurs of wines of Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux can taste them in the presence of the vine growers. A picnic area is available to visitors. The Auberge D'Aliénor can in turn restore nearly 900 guests at a time in continuous service from 19h.     The show in pictures                                                              
  • Vino Voce Festival

    Vino Voce Festival

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         The VINO VOCE festival returns to Saint-Emilion for its 9th edition on 8, 9 and 10 September 2023!    Programmation in progress, available soon on this page      The Vino Voce festival was created in 2014 by Nadine Vasseur, a voice professional, host and producer of a magazine on France Culture. It is chaired by Patrick Junet, winegrower in Saint-Émilion.  Its vocation is to discover "the voice in all its forms".     The festival offers : - Concerts of vocal music in a wide range of genres (opera, world music, song, jazz, baroque, etc.) - Theatre performances - Meetings with voice professionals (film dubbers, impersonators, lawyers, phoniatric doctors, etc.) - A master class in opera singing  - Workshops for the public      These various activities take place in the most beautiful heritage sites of Saint-Emilion The title of the festival, Vino Voce, is a tribute to the wine-growing area of Saint-Emilion and its architectural heritage, which provides an exceptional setting for the voice. This meeting between wine and voice is also meaningful because there is more than one link between them. Indeed, wine and voice are both synonymous with exchange and conviviality. They are also both carriers of emotion and sensuality.
  • The Montgolfiades

    The Montgolfiades

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    The 2022 edition of the Montgolfiades de Saint-Emilion is cancelled             The story of the Montgolfiades in Saint-Émilion The idea of flying over Saint-Émilion in a balloon was born from a meeting between Guy-Petrus Lignac, owner of the Château Guadet, Grand Cru Classé in Saint Emilion, President of the Tourist Office of the Grand Saint-Émilionnais, Joëlle Manuel, the Deputy Mayor, and Patricia Lamy, pilot and air events organiser.   Born in 2011 and successful for their first edition, the Montgolfiades have become one of the must-see events of the year.  Every year since its first edition, 15 hot-air balloons gather during the third week-end of October to take off in Saint-Émilion, just after the grape harvest. Activities for children and adults accompany these festive days such as workshops and demonstrations of kites and conferences.          We are waiting for you to come to watch the balloon inflating show followed by the flight of 15 balloons dashing above the medieval city! Be prepared for takeoff and fly over the village of Saint-Émilion and its hilly surroundings a few hundred meters high...   The first flights will take place on Friday 14 October in the morning until Sunday 16 in the evening.   A multitude of activities will complete the programme of this weekend: model making and kite making workshop, photo exhibition, pirate balloons... and food trucks to eat! Other activities will be added between now and October.        
  • Salon d'Automne de Saint-Émilion

    Salon d'Automne de Saint-Émilion

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    Le Salon d'Automne de Saint-Emilion celebrates its 10th anniversary!    Come along from September 29th to October 15th,   for a colourful artistic exhibition!    Born in 2014 from the will of its current president Christian Naura, the support of the Town Hall and the Saint-Emilion Wine Council, the Salon d'Automne of Saint-Emilion has become over the years a major event of the village.   Every first fortnight of October are held in the Dominicans Hall and in the Gothic Hall rue Guadet: sculpture, street art, painting, drawing and photography. Regional artists informed by social networks apply either during the last exhibition, either by oraldissemination of information from exhibiting artists and also by the press.   Artists are contacted around mid-February and invited to upload the file of application and then follow the proposed procedure.The artists selected by the commission and those not selected will be informed in April. Our goal: to perpetuate the Salon d'Automne de Saint-Emilion by proposing an organizationrespectful of artistic diversity with regional artists in partnership with institutions and active sponsors. The Salon d'Automne de Saint-Emilion is one of the activities of the association 2,3 & 7ème Arts.    
  • Fête les Vins Kms de Saint-Émilion

    Fête les Vins Kms de Saint-Émilion

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    A big hearted race   On Sunday 26th of March 2023   The event Fête Les Vins Kms de Saint-Emilion was created in 2016. These 11km (walking and running), 21km or 40km races take place in the exceptional landscape of the first vineyard to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year in March, the riders start at Château Soutard, Grand Cru Classé de Saint-Emilion. The original and hilly nature trails are offered in the heart of the Saint-Émilion vineyard, with visits, food and wine tasting in many of the appellation's prestigious châteaux.     Running for a good cause Running for Fête les Vins Kms de Saint-Emilion is a sporting challenge, but not only. The benefits of this race are intended for research on brain diseases, represented by IND and ICND, Institute of Clinical Neurodegenerative Diseases and FBR, Federation for Brain Research. Proof of the success of the event, a donation of more than 164 000€ has already been made thanks to the first fourth editions.   The unfailing support of volunteers Throughout the year, about ten volunteers work for the organization of Fête les Vins Kms de Saint-Emilion. 120 volunteers with the support of the association "Les Foulées Vertes" complete the team during the race weekend. The Rotary Club Libourne Saint-Emilion has 50 members with a respect for diversity in membership, members of all generations, women and men involved whose motto is "serve first". The actions undertaken are aimed at young people, people with disabilities, sick children, schools in Morocco, orphanages in Benin, the eradication of Polio in the world, etc.     
  • Marché du goût

    Marché du goût

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    Saint-Emilion Taste Market  8 & 9 October 2022, at the Cloister of the Collegiate Church from 10am to 7pm     Organised at the initiative of the Saint-Émilion Town Hall, the Marché du Goût welcomes every year young and old gourmets in the heart of the Cloister of the Collegiate Church of Saint-Émilion! The market awakens the eye, incites the sense of smell and develops the taste by making people discover or rediscover the flavours of yesteryear. All the senses are brought into play, to the delight of food lovers. The craftsmen of taste, true guardians of knowledge, make you taste their regional products made in the respect of the tradition for the biggest pleasure of your papillae. Tables will be set up in the cloister to allow you to taste or have lunch on the spot.  
  • Les Estivales de Montagne

    Les Estivales de Montagne

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    Since 2020, Les Estivales de Montagne has been offering an unmissable cultural event in the Grand Saint-Emilionnais during the first week of August.   From the 1st to the 5th of August 2023   Created by Mrs. Isabelle Geday and chaired by Mrs. Marie-Christine Gadras, this Festival aims to create a recurrent cultural event in Montagne: to give visibility to the territory to build a reputation and a qualitative image to strengthen the local community around Art to enhance the value of our heritage: the Trois Romanes, the Presbytery Park, the castles of our town, the mills to perpetuate the tourist stays around Saint-Emilion. The Estivales de Montagne: what does the Festival consist of? A week of shows each summer and events throughout the year First week of August: traditionally, good weather and high attendance 5 or 6 varied shows, concerts, theatre, dance on a common theme, in 2021, the South and on sites spread throughout the village Exhibitions, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photos Wine tastings from partner winegrowers Audio guided tours, on foot or by bike, of the area Cooperation with the "Youth" team of the Communauté de Communes     Programme to come...
  • Le Club Éphémère

    Le Club Éphémère

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    Le Club Éphémère at Château La Fleur Picon   in Saint-Emilion     On the 13th of May, 3rd of June,   30th of June & 1st of July 2023   Le Grand Soir on Saturday 29th of July 2023      The Club Ephémère was born from the initiative of Marc Lassègues, rock winemaker at Château La Fleur Picon. This talented musician, saxophonist by training, now bass player in the band Die Cabine, decided to improvise a first evening in 2015. The following year, an association was formed, supported by friends who officially launched the Club Ephémère adventure. Popular, free and well thought through As the name suggests, the idea is to organise four or five evenings during the summer.  At the beginning, the artists solicited by the small team were a little reluctant to come to Saint-Émilion. Marc Lassègues' network and the reputation of the evenings encouraged groups to apply. "The intimacy of the event appeals to them enormously. From now on, the selection is made by audition. The Club éphémère seems rather open and is betting on the future.     Aftermovie Le Grand Soir in 2018       Aftermovie Le Grand Soir in 2019  
  • Festival Confluent d'Arts

    Festival Confluent d'Arts

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    Le Festival Confluent d'Arts on the first weekend of July: three days of multidisciplinary programming with storytelling, street theatre, plastic art and concerts.   On the 6th, 7th and 8th of July 2023     A magical world, a dreamlike landscape... Everything is brought together for a most flamboyant festival. In the heart of the Fronsadais region, in a castle that looks like a fairy tale, in a wooded setting and under the influence of the tides coming in from the estuary. tides from the estuary, a festival was born, the "Confluent d'Arts" at the Château de La Rivière in Gironde. This festival with multiple artistic expressions is a real journey around the living arts.       Aftermovie Festival Confluents d'Arts 2022   
  • Fête de la Lamproie

    Fête de la Lamproie

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    Fête de la Lamproie in Sainte-Terre, on the 28th, 29th and 30th of April 2023      Located on Dordogne river banks, Saint-Terre, the world capital of the lamprey, organises a famous Fête de la Lamproie every year!     Programme to come ...
  • Christmas markets in the Grand Saint-Emilionnais

    Christmas markets in the Grand Saint-Emilionnais

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    Every year, the Grand Saint-Emilionnais organises numerous Christmas markets to enhance your end-of-year celebrations. Entertainment, delicacies and shows are on the agenda to allow you to fully experience Christmas in the area.      Saint Sulpice de Faleyrens Christmas Market   Saturday 10th of december Saint-Emilion Christmas Market    From Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th of december  Lussac Christmas Market    Saturday 3rd of december Montagne Christmas Market   Sunday 11th of december Montagne Christmas Market   From Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th of december
  • Vélotour Saint-Emilion

    Vélotour Saint-Emilion

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    The 2nd edition of the Vélotour de Saint-Emilion   will take place on Saturday 9th of September 2023 !     On the agenda, 2 fun cycling routes in the middle of the vineyards, in the domains of Saint-Émilion! Family route: 23 km Long route: 34 km     No competition, Vélotour is a friendly and family event where you come dressed up!   The only thing you need to do to participate is to smile!       To take part in the Vélotour, we come in fancy dress!   Surprise us! As a superhero? As an animal? As a monster? As a knight? As a princess?   All kinds of madness are allowed !