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The Citadel of Blaye and the Bolt of the Estuary


Office de Tourisme de Blaye - Rue des Minimes, La Citadelle
33390 BLAYE

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The fortress of Blaye was built by Vauban, famous engineer of king Louis XIV, between 1686 and 1689, in order to protect Bordeaux. It had to prevent the English and Dutch ships from sailing up the Gironde estuary. Vauban erected two other forts, Fort Paté and Fort Médoc, to complete the defense of the estuary. 


Since July 2008, this triptych is listed as World Heritage by the Unesco within the Vauban’s majors sites network. 


The citadel has its defensive system of the XVIIth century, perfectly preserved : one mile of rampart, four bastions, three half-moons, underground passages between defensive lines; as well as every buildings necessary to the soldiers’ life : barracks, gunpowder store, chapel, jail …


Guided tours of the citadel by the under paths are organized every day. 


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