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  • Bordeaux


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    With 1810 hectares listed by Unesco and 347 buildings listed as Historic Monuments, Bordeaux is the largestdistinguished urban center in the world. The heart of town, dedicated to the tram and bicycles, facilitates travel from one area to another, with, always in the center, the Garonne.   In the north, the Chartrons, former stronghold of wine merchants, has become the second-hand dealers, antique and design shops. Here is the vast Quinconces sqiare. Behind its plane trees, the district of "Great Men" is a tribute to our thinkers from Montaigne to Diderot. It is also called the "Triangle" for its luxury shops, its mansions and the majestic Grand Theatre, a masterpiece signed by Victor Louis.   The old Bordeaux is an epicurean paradise with fine restaurants over the squares and pedestrian streets : its eighteenth facades, Parliament Square, the St. Pierre district ... to visit his nose in the air to admire the mascarons, these figures etched in stone, a Bordeaux specialty.   A short hop and here Pey Berland, rich three monuments registered on the UNESCO: the tower of the same name, magnificent viewpoint over the city, St. Andrew's Cathedral and the Rohan Palace, current Town Hall. In the south, the door Cailhau and the "Grosse Cloche" announce Saint-Michel: this cosmopolitan seduces with its curious smells of spices, the bustling market Capuchin and flea markets. The Victory Square is the reserved for students, with terraces and bars.   Finally, you can go to the right bank, taking the stone bridge: very green, like the Botanical Garden and city parks along the waterfront, it offers an incomparable view of the "Port of the Moon" and classified facades. And surprises too: a blue lion place Stalingrad, the Niel barracks, the Chaban-Delmas bridge ...   Because Bordeaux also love contemporary architecture, evidenced buildings signed Richard Rogers (High Court), Philippe Starck (Hotel Mama Shelter), Herzog & de Meuron (Matmut Atlantic) ...   Crédit photo : C. Bouthe - V. Bengold - T. Sanson
  • The Bay of Arcachon

    The Bay of Arcachon

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      Real inland sea, the Bassin d’Arcachon communicates with the Ocean in addition to be fed in pure water by the Leyre. These exchanges between pure water and salt water created a unique world. “it’s like the first world ages” wrote Jean Cocteau.   The Bassin d’Arcachon, these are amazing landscapes, built by maritime traditions ; oyster farming and fishing. Nowaday it’s possible to board with our sailors to share a unique moment with those who are living and do the Bassin.   The Bassin d’Arcachon, this is also the Dune du Pilat, a Saharan adventure between ocean and forest at 110 meters high.   The Bassin d’Arcachon, this is also several nature discoveries ; This is the Bird’s Island, which owes it’s name to the numerous birds that came and seeks refuge there.   The Bassin offers a broad range of sport activities and entertainments. The bicycle paths which encircle the Bassin d’Arcachon provide a link between the Cap Ferret and Arcachon through the 10 towns which do the Bassin. A website dedicated to the bicycle offers to the tourists a way to discover the Bassin through bicycles’ circuits and loops.   Finally, the Bassin d’Arcachon, height of its amazing diversity of landscapes, heritage and activities, will delight both young and old !  
  • The Citadel of Blaye and the Bolt of the Estuary

    The Citadel of Blaye and the Bolt of the Estuary

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      The fortress of Blaye was built by Vauban, famous engineer of king Louis XIV, between 1686 and 1689, in order to protect Bordeaux. It had to prevent the English and Dutch ships from sailing up the Gironde estuary. Vauban erected two other forts, Fort Paté and Fort Médoc, to complete the defense of the estuary.    Since July 2008, this triptych is listed as World Heritage by the Unesco within the Vauban’s majors sites network.    The citadel has its defensive system of the XVIIth century, perfectly preserved : one mile of rampart, four bastions, three half-moons, underground passages between defensive lines; as well as every buildings necessary to the soldiers’ life : barracks, gunpowder store, chapel, jail …   Guided tours of the citadel by the under paths are organized every day.    Blaye Tourist
  • Le Libournais

    Le Libournais

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      At the heart of a path that lead you between Bordeaux and Saint -Emilion , the Libournais territory gives you the opportunity for a great little trip towards nature, historic heritage, relaxation, and famous wineries brands.   You will be seduced by its landscapes and its sweet way of life. Vineyards, wooded hillsides and rivers suggest amazing hiking paths, swimming and fishing places, but also an interesting ecologic natural area.   A past forward looking to the wine Trade ensured the region prosperity for centuries and bequeath a unique patrimony as for example the British Walled Town of Libourne ( XIIIe century) and also wonderful roman churches as the Abbey of Guîtres, wash house, mills…   Wine growers open the door of their properties to share their passion with you. From a charming hotel to a campsite, you will find your suitable accommodation and the cooking you like with our delicious “terroir” local cuisine linked to tradition, quality, and local roots.The Libournais territory it’s also ever year, more and more organized events and festivals, so let’s your inspiration guide you!   Libournais Tourist More info about cruising in the Libournais    
  • Biarritz


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    "I know of no more charming and more beautiful place than Biarritz .... "Victor Hugo.   At the heart of the French Basque Country, at the crossroads of cultures, Biarritz is a rare destination. About 230 km separate Saint-Emilion and Biarritz. To get there, take about 2:20 by car on the A63 and 4:30 by the railways. You want to organize a trip? Visit the website of the Tourist Office of Biarritz.   A seaside town between Ocean and MountainBiarritz offers the walker an astonishing diversity of natural landscapes: from St. Martin advanced to the Basque coast, through the Great Beach, the coastline is an endless source of nooks and crannies to explore. Biarritz is also an excellent base for exploring the Basque Country. On foot, by car, 4x4, or Pottock, typical small Basque horse, many walks are possible to explore the hills and traditional villages. Here lie the lower slopes of the Pyrenees, stormed by bluish hills where the whiteness of smiling houses with red or green shutters come loose, tightened around the towers. Here lies a dormant wild world made for walkers and fans of all forms of tourism.   A city of historyLighthouse destination forever marked by the passage of the Empress Eugenie and the great people of this world, Biarritz has always been one of the most welcoming cities in France. But the hand of man has nothing to envy to this natural setting, as centuries of history have given Biarritz an incredible variety of buildings: the Orthodox church, the Byzantine chapel, the medieval villa in the Art Deco style or the Municipal Casino ... The unique architectural heritage of Biarritz shows that past and live in the present.   A city of sport and wellnessThe Biarritz area is a paradise for golfers in Europe, who find nearby an outstanding selection of golf courses. One of the oldest golf courses in France, the Golf du Phare, is located in the heart of the city. Biarritz is one of the best "spots" of surfing the world. Surf culture, is very present with its codes and champions. Other activities are supported by the city as the rugby and of course pelota. Biarritz is also emerging as "capital" of thalassotherapy. The search for serenity and well-being is an original response here in the natural benefits of the marine environment and the quality of the planned structures.   A city of gastronomy and shoppingIf it is similar to the traditional cuisine of the Southwest, the Basque gastronomy nonetheless retains original features inspired by the nearby sea and land. Good addresses offer among others, the Bayonne ham, wine of Irouléguy, the chipirones, the axoa, sheep cheese served with a delicious black cherry jam, plus some sweets that end up to delight the palate like chocolates, traditional Basque cake and "muxus" whose name means Basque "kiss". Biarritz also offers a wide range of shops located in the streets of downtown and covered Halles. Thus you will discover the wealth of the Basque Country, both gourmet ham, chocolate, cheese, meats, or craft: Basque linen, sneakers .... not to mention its many luxury shops.   A city of festivalsMany highlights animate the city as the International Festival of Audiovisual Programs in May, the Festival of Street Arts in June, The Oceans in July, the Big Festival in August, Time to love Dance in September, Biarritz lights in December ... Find the news of the moment and the ticketing service on the website of the Biarritz Tourist Office.   Biarritz also has many sites and museums to visit: Museum of Oriental Art, Chocolate Museum, Imperial Chapel, Biarritz Historic Museum, Sea Museum, the Lighthouse of Biarritz or the Fishing Port and the Rock of the Virgin ... the treasures of the city are inexhaustible.   " href="" target="_blank">More information here >   Crédit photo : Biarritz Tourisme et Emmy Martens
  • Cognac


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    Famous for its water spirits, Cognac is also a "City of Art and History" tour its river "Charente". It is a city ideally located 1h30 from Bordeaux and La Rochelle and 45 minutes from the Atlantic coast.   When you are told "Cognac" you immediately think the water spirits! Normal, that is it that the city owes its worldwide reputation!   Born in the seventeenth century, it is marketed by big trading houses from the eighteenth. The Charente river becomes a commercial artery where the boats cross abounding with water of life, stones, salt, etc. Throughout the year, trading houses and winegrowers make you discover the development of Cognac through animations and tour routes.   birthplace of Francis I, whose castle of birth visit (Maison Baron Otard) Cognac concentrates a history and a rich and varied heritage ... Romanesque church, private mansions of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, museums, park and garden, cooperage, etc.   But that would be ... Cognac without its river! "The most beautiful stream in the kingdom," in the words of Henry IV, has always contributed to the development of the city and the region. The Charente is now a must for sports and recreation (canoeing / kayaking, fishing, barge cruise, hiking). To discover its charm, nothing like renting a boat ... the river is navigable effect from Angoulême to Rochefort is 169km!
  • Oleron Island and the Basin of Marennes

    Oleron Island and the Basin of Marennes

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      Marennes-Oléron consists of 15 municipalities, a territory that is rich in diversity.  Here you will find a remarkable architectural heritage, areas of semi-wilderness, charming villages, fine sandy beaches as well as fishing port.  People live well in Marennes-Oléron, where each generation finds its own happiness.  The Ile d’Oléron and the Marennes basin, with such contrasting landscapes, ecological wealth and particularly clement weather, is an entrancing area.   Discover the abundant forests and marshlands with their richly varied flora and fauna – on foot, on horseback or by bike.   Marennes-Oléron is also a heritage area where marine monuments, churches and vernacular architecture live cheek by jowl with ancient fortifications.  Off the coast at Boyardville is the majestic Fort Boyard, “a stone ship” that is nowadays one of the country’s most famous monuments.   And when you’ve exhausted all that there is to see and do, when all the family is at table, the good life carries on for whether its oysters, mussels, fish, seafood, local fruit and vegetables all dusted with sea-salt and washed down with a local wine, you really are “beunaise” (at home in local dialect) on the Ile d’Oléron and the Marennes basin.   Oléron Tourist
  • L'Ile de Ré

    L'Ile de Ré

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      ILE DE RE – a jewel in the Atlantic…   delight in the diversity of landscapes to explore   Experience its marine or verdant panoramas   Moors, dunes, undergrowth, long and clear fine sandy beaches, marshlands, vineyards, bird reserve in humid environment, rocks and strongholds, pasturelands, lanes housing the wonders of a jealously guarded small heritage, Île de Ré will charm and capture you.   The rich historic fortified buildings and small fortresses set in the heart of preserved nature will attract both walkers and bike riders…   Ré can be appreciated near the foreshore, between the sky and ocean, at the end of a cycle path and close to an oyster-farming hut, thus combining the regular murmur waves with the salty taste of seafood.     Ile de Ré Tourism
  • La Rochelle

    La Rochelle

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      On the Atlantic coast, flanked by three islands, Re, Aix and Oleron, La Rochelle welcomes youto the department of Charente-Maritime. Here you can set out on a trip unique with its history,sea-scapes, exceptional sites and friendly atmosphere.The numerous architectural treasures of the town will take you on a tour through history, in the footsteps of famous people ‒ including rebels!   Whether you go on foot or by bike you can enjoy the sea air along the long promenades through parks and gardens lining the coast.   Dive to the bottom of the ocean in the Aquarium to see the fascinating riches of the marine biodiversity.   Savour the atmosphere and the rhythm of La Rochelle, from the terraces of the Old Port to thegourmand flavours of the market. Let yourself be lured into the charming shopping streets in theheart of the old town.   La Rochelle Tourist
  • Bergerac


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      Bergerac, Vineyards & Bastides   A proud city set along the banks of the Dordogne overlooking the endless journeys of the traditional scows with a renaissance heart. The town itself is closely watched by the shadow of the “nosey” Cyrano.    This beautiful city is surrounded by vineyards that stretch beyond the horizon, sumptuous chateaux and bastides that thrive to this day.   Welcome to Bergerac and celebrate with us a certain “art de vivre”.   Bergerac Tourist
  • Sud Charente

    Sud Charente

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    The South Charente is home to a variety of unique landscapes, cultures and traditions.   Its preferential position in the land, away from coastal development, invites you to stroll and recharge your batteries in a unique natural setting and an exceptional terroir.   From west to east, the territory evolves between vineyards, wooded moorlands and hills on the borders of the Périgord. A charming destination ideal for a break. You will enjoy criss-crossing the castle route or entering one of the Romanesque churches.   Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, "Plus Beaux Village de France", "station verte" and labelled "Petite Cité de Caractère" with Villebois-Lavalette, will surely seduce you with their authenticity and the gentle way of life that reigns there!   Go for a walk in Barbezieux Saint-Hilaire, "Village Etape", and be surprised by the remarkable buildings and façades with their sometimes surprising architecture.   Take the time to stop in the small shops to meet the craftsmen who will talk to you with passion about their know-how; in a wine estate and let yourself be guided by the owner of the property for a Cognac or Pineau des Charentes tasting.   GOOD TO KNOW: Visit Aubeterre sur Dronne, this former fortified town built in an amphitheatre around a loop of the Dronne for over 1000 years.   Its southern charming alleys wind between white stone houses covered with honey-coloured tiles.   In this small setting, hides the moving underground church of Saint-Jean dating from the 12th century, with its exceptional dimensions: 20 metres high. Its reliquary, its necropolis of more than 160 sarcophagi and its surprising 18-metre high accessible gallery make it a unique site in Europe.   Following your visit "Saint-Emilion Souterrain", with the privilege pass benefit from the reduced rate for the visit of the Aubeterre-sur-Dronne underground church!  
  • Royan


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      With 2,400 hours of sunshine a year, its beaches scattered with bright blue and white tents which pierce the azurecoloured skies, its stretches of golden sand protected from the winds, Royan is right to be proud of its image as a small seaside paradise.   The third marina on the Atlantic coast, situated in the heart of the town, with more than one thousand berths, Royan offers a superb body of water ideal for a wide range of sailing and water sports activities.   Royan offers such a wide range of sporting activities, leisure, but also an incredible range of villas where architects’ fantasies have been given free expression, guided by just one principle : that of unrivalled originality!   In the summer, the beaches provide popular tourist centres.   Royan Tourist
  • Lascaux


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    Lascaux finally reveals his art, and more.   On December 15th, 2016, Lascaux is revealed to you in the new setting of the International Centre of Parietal Art, offering a unique experience of Lascaux, the parietal art and its influence on contemporary art.   The trail of the International Centre of Parietal Art, punctuated by 6 different sequences, invites visitors to contemplate and feel the authentic emotion of the discovery of the cave, to learn, to observe it, to question, and think about the environmental and cultural context in which it was performed.   From the viewpoint, the view encompasses a vast panorama and impregnates the Lascaux geographical context that the lead on the way to the cave. This allows them the contemplation of paintings and prints of Lascaux.   The workshop Lascaux is designed to facilitate understanding of the works of the cave, through digital and educational experience. Disassembles the cave under the eyes of visitors to deliver all their secrets.   The International Centre of Parietal Art Montignac-Lascaux then invites visitors to explore different fields of knowledge.   The theater wall art back on the work of the prehistory of the nineteenth century to the present and analyzes the centrality of Lascaux in this evolution.   3D cinema can explore the cave until its details and offers a comparison with the masterpieces of world rock art. The imaginary gallery explores the links between wall art, modern art and contemporary art in an interactive digital gallery. Finally, the exhibition is devoted to contemporary artists.   The visit of the International Centre of Parietal Art allows unprecedented confrontation, touching and fun between the past, present and future human.   " href="" target="_blank">Learn more >   Crédit photo : Casson Mann, Snohetta
  • Sarlat Périgord Noir

    Sarlat Périgord Noir

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      Sarlat, the pearl of Périgord Noir   Discover a unique heritage, a well-preserved setting, gourmet food and products that express the good life, as the harmony of this region’s charming landscapes slowly reveals itself to you. Sarlat is an architectural treasure: a pleasant blend of styles from different periods, ranging from medieval times to the 16th century. A certain harmony arises from the patina of the local blond building stone and the thackstone roofs. To stroll along the cobblestone lanes is to view nearly one thousand years of architecture, where the predominantly golden walls and thackstone roofs drink in the sunshine to restore its radiance at twilight.   Power lines were also eradicated, to the delight of photographers and lovers of old stones.   Lose yourself in Sarlat’s sunny streets; succumb to the evening magic of its gas lighting and remarkable street performances.  Everything you need for an unforgettable holiday awaits you here.   Sarlat Tourism  The name “Sarlat” conjures glowing images to experienced gourmets. A dab of foie gras, a touch of truffle, and paradise is yours. Unforgettable: The Sarlat market, one of the most picturesque in all of France. 
  • Médoc Atlantique

    Médoc Atlantique

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    Go to explore Atlantic MédocFrom Lacanau to Verdon-sur-MerEndlessly beaches to the pines forests, vineyards in the estuary and lakes, Médoc Atlantique distils its natural resources. Between peace and excitement, this destination can be discovered throughout the seasons.Land of history and nevertheless so young, we take pleasure to be charmed by its architectural, artistic and natural heritage.From the top of a lighthouse to the felted atmosphere of a cellar then in the excitement of an event, a multitude of atmospheres and meetings waits for you. Generous and friendly, Médoc Atlantique knows how to surprise you by its thousand faces and its unspeakable authenticity.Pleasures of the glide in the Ocean, the joy of life on a bike trip, delight of oysters and gambas at the edge of the estuary of the Gironde, the sweetness of the lakes of Lacanau and Carcans-Hourtin, the charm of a rich heritage (Cordouan Lighthouse, Notre-Dame de la fin des Terres Basilica, old villas of Lacanau Océan and Soulac sur Mer), that is what waits for you in Médoc Atlantique, an "océanesque" destination !   More information :