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BikeBoards - Anaïs's favourite


Who has never heard of electric scooters? They are flourishing in every city, but did you know that you can visit our beautiful vineyard with one of these scooters? Here is the story of my experience!


2:00 pm: It's time to meet Émilie and discover our new scooters.


We drive up the magnificent avenue of Château Soutard to meet Emilie. Once there, we put on our helmets: safety first! Emilie offers us to take our BikeBoard (an all-terrain scooter) in hand. Theoretical explanations: we will learn to master the 4 gears. It's time to put it into practice: speed 1 ... speed 2 (it's going fast, we're going to go up again ????) ... speed 3 (it's not the last one ???) ... speed 4!
So many emotions, all this without leaving the Château Soutard car park!


2:30 pm: We are ready to discover the vineyard in a different way !


After this sporty introduction, we set off to attack the paths, the valleys, the vineyards... We get a good look at them, with our hair blowing in the wind! Emilie guides us on the country roads and we take advantage of a few stops to enjoy the magical landscapes. Last road downhill to come back to the castle, we take the opportunity to test the speed!


The ride is coming to an end, it will have offered us an afternoon full of laughter and adventure!


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