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  • A bit of mountain - Ediwge's favorite

    A bit of mountain - Ediwge's favorite

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    "The 360° view gives this place a little (very little) mountain side".   One place I like to walk around is the little hill on which the Calon mills stand. I am lucky enough to live not too far away, a few kilometres, and I make it an almost obligatory and very frequent part of my walks/hiking in the Saint Emilionnais. Five mill remains within a few metres of each other, two of which are fully and perfectly restored, are a pleasure for the eyes. Moreover, the 360° view around gives this place a little (very little) mountain side... Mountain, is the perfect french traduction of the village where they are situated (Montagne). Groups of friends often come here for a picnic, or brides and grooms who have come to immortalise the big day. A place to discover if not already done, and to share.     Want to know what other secrets Montagne has in store for you? We tell you more here: https://bit.ly/3n2XgTN 
  • Macaroons - Adélaïde's favourite

    Macaroons - Adélaïde's favourite

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    A small round and tasty cake (to be enjoyed without moderation): the macaroon of Saint-Emilion!   Last year, I was lucky enough to go early in the morning to Nadia Fermigier's Macaroon Factory to witness the making of these little delights. I remember walking up rue Guadet and even before I arrived on the doorstep of the shop, I could already smell the gourmet fragrance of the macaroons. So I rushed in!   That morning, I was greeted by Nadia, Didier and the whole team there. We head towards the back shop: where the serious things have already started several hours ago. Every day, the macaroons are made there by hand with only three ingredients: real sweet and bitter almonds, fresh egg white and sugar. If the Saint-Émilion macaroon celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2020, it is because the recipe used by Nadia Fermigier is the same as the one invented by the Ursuline Sisters in 1620. What a pleasure it is to watch the different stages of preparation, I take the opportunity to photograph the expert gestures of the pastry chefs. First, the almonds are peeled one by one by hand. They are then crushed to create a paste which will be mixed with the whites which are beaten into snow. The macaroons are then formed from a piping bag and then each one is sweetened by hand and baked in the oven.The macaroons then cool for a few moments before being placed in tins and eaten. As you can imagine: whether they are composed of 12, 24 or 36 macaroons, these tins never last long. The shop is full of other specialities from the region. It is therefore very difficult to resist the temptation, words of greedy! Can't get enough of the famous Saint-Émilion macaroon? Then find here an article published in our magazine My Saint-Émilion 2019: https://bit.ly/36YYatm!
  • The collegiate church - Christelle's favourite

    The collegiate church - Christelle's favourite

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    15 minutes to sit on a bench...     Take the time to settle down... to settle your body and mind! I gave myself 15 minutes ago. 15 minutes isn't much... but it's so precious and useful in our hectic lives. 15 minutes to sit on a pew... not a pew as in the song, but a church pew. Not to pray, but to meditate and observe. And not in just any church but the Collegiate Church of St. Emilion. Sit in the chapel to the right of the heart with its contemporary stained glass windows. On that day, clouds and light came and went... The light from the red, blue, orange, green stained glass windows reflected on the Gothic walls of this church. At first in pastel shades, the lights then totally disappeared before coming back brighter than ever in favour of the sun, revealing the reflection of the birds warming themselves against the golden stone outside.15 minutes, symbols for me of the harmony existing between human construction and Nature... as it should always be!     Learn more about this splendid church by reading this article: https://bit.ly/3jVsV62
  • The Brunet Gate - Alexis's favourite

    The Brunet Gate - Alexis's favourite

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    Here, everything is peaceful because few visitors cross this path.   In the summer, after a day's work, I like to go to the Porte Brunet to recharge my batteries. I then sit on a small low wall, the one facing the countryside. From there, I find myself perched above ancient earthworks where the ramparts were built to protect the village of Saint-Émilion as early as the twelfth century. This is where the sheep of the small local farmer graze peacefully, without worrying about the passage of time. A little further on, I let my eyes go down into the coomb facing me, to slowly go back up the hillsides dotted with vines. A little further on, the plateau gradually disappears to give way to a valley that stretches as far as the eye can see. From the top of my observation post, I can feel the warm evening breeze caressing my face. Here, everything is peaceful because few visitors cross this path. All I can hear is the distant noise of birds and insects. Then, after a while, the light fades, the colours of the painting before my eyes change slowly. The shadows stretch out, and little by little the houses in the distance turn on their lights, as if they wanted to echo the celestial vault that now appears before me, infinite. I also see the great road that passes through the valley and, from time to time, the passing train. I look at this activity with curiosity, like a child observing an anthill in activity. I then try to imagine the life of these people who do not know that I am there, on the lookout. Little by little I get lost in my thoughts and forget the fatigue of the day.   And I feel good!     To learn more about the history of this famous Porte Brunet, go here: https://bit.ly/33VknGZ
  • La Grotte Célestine - Solène's favourite

    La Grotte Célestine - Solène's favourite

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    Journey to the center of the Célestine cave   In Saint-Emilion, there is not only wine and old stones full of history. To the south of the village, a marvel lies hidden in the bowels of the commune of Rauzan. It is the Célestine cave, discovered by chance at the end of the 19th century by a well-digger. It was later renamed after the name of the owner of the house built above these caves, an old little lady who, at the beginning of the 20th century, allowed explorers to get to know it better and to preserve it... It is the ideal place for an original activity to do with family or friends. From the outside, there's nothing to suggest the beauty of the place. After getting into the right conditions for the underground expedition - i.e. warmly covered as it is only 14°C in the cave and equipped with boots and a protective helmet with frontal light - you descend some 13 metres underground to discover stalactites, stalagmites and magnificent natural works of art like real speleologists. The guided tour of around 400m allows you to learn many secrets about this hidden gem underground, with anecdotes and clear information. This fun experience, with your feet in the water, which lasts an hour, will amaze you with its many natural formations that shine as the droplets ooze out of the rock.   A visit to the Célestine cave is a visit not to be missed! Visit our website to learn more: https://bit.ly/3lG8HxD
  • The Church Notre-Dame de Cornemps - Christelle's favourite

    The Church Notre-Dame de Cornemps - Christelle's favourite

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    This little dented church has a crazy charm!     Do you know the little village of Petit-Palais and Cornemps? If so, you know its church with its beautifully decorated 12th century façade. But do you know the second church of the commune? There I pique your curiosity! I'm talking about the church of Notre-Dame de Cornemps. From its small promontory, it doesn't look majestic... but this little dented church has a crazy charm. Going back to the 11th century, it still bears the scars of the past. Its nave was partly destroyed during the Wars of Religion in the 16th century and therefore narrowed. Restorations in the 19th century gave the church we see today. Want to go inside after ringing the bell? Ask the neighbours for the key... There you will walk on a tile floor with Lily flowers, symbol of the Virgin. In short, you are in history!   Want to learn more about the small village of Petit-Palais and Cornemps? Then go here: https://bit.ly/3lDiXGY  
  • The Montgolfiades - Emmeline's favourite

    The Montgolfiades - Emmeline's favourite

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    This morning begins Les Montgolfiades, a hot-air balloon festival held every year in October in Saint-Émilion! And this year, I had the chance to take part in it. It was an unusual morning. On this very cool autumn night, my alarm clock rang much earlier than usual: 4:30 am. Direction: Saint-Émilion. Arriving on the spot, I meet a small group of early risers ... ready to take off. Because yes, this morning begins Les Montgolfiades, a hot-air balloon festival that takes place every year in October in Saint-Émilion! And this year, I had the chance to take part in it. Once all the participants have arrived, Patricia - organizer and conductor of the event - makes the roll call and (a little moment of embarrassment) checks the weight of each passenger: the basket shouldn't be too heavy!I board with my three adventure companions in the pick-up of Patrice, my pilot: it's off to the take-off site. And that's where the experience really started for me! Here I am holding the basket, unfolding the balloon's canvas and finally literally jumping into the basket as it leaves the ground. It's rock'n'roll! For about twenty / thirty minutes, I fly over the vineyards of Saint-Emilion. The day dawns. The colours are marvellous. And the harvest is still in progress! Patrice brings the balloon down to a small meter above the grape-pickers who wave to us. Magic! After this moment out of time, the balloon lands and I am back among the earthlings. I don't have enough words to translate the emotions I felt up there, flying silently over the landscapes I come into contact with on a daily basis. And you, when do you fly away?  
  • La Tour de Montaigne - Solène's favourite

    La Tour de Montaigne - Solène's favourite

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    From the outside, the view is magnificent!     Notice to all lovers of literature - but not only: a trip to the Château de Montaigne, situated on the border between the Gironde and the Dordogne, will delight the spirits!   This grandiose residence dating from the 14th century and having belonged to the Eyquem family, Lords of Montaigne, will plunge you into the world of the famous writer and philosopher.   From outside, the view is magnificent! One overlooks the Dordogne valley for miles around... Surrounded by vineyards (the estate is also a wine estate) and gardens, it is easy to imagine where the inspiration came from for Michel de Montaigne who retired several years in his tower at different periods of his life. The visit allows us to recall the life of the philosopher, his family and his entourage. It is as well adapted to children as to adults since educational booklets are offered to families and schoolchildren (treasure hunt format).   Guided tours also offer the possibility of discovering the tower which includes different rooms where the famous writer liked to spend his time. The most remarkable remains for me the library where he had various quotations inscribed on the ceiling; quotations which he used as inspiration for writing his essays.   This plunge into the past only gives one desire: to (re)read part of his work to better understand what he lived through and how he analysed his time.     These few lines made you want to go for a walk at the Château de Montaigne? All the information about visits can be found here: https://bit.ly/36V5y9c
  • The Cordeliers Cloister - Edwige's favourite

    The Cordeliers Cloister - Edwige's favourite

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    This timeless break is particularly enjoyable, I recommend the experience!     When I entertain friends, my favourite "outing" idea before lunch or to close the afternoon is to go to the Cloister of the Cordeliers. It's a moment that always pleases and is conducive to relaxation, all while sipping a cool glass of white or vintage rosé. As an aperitif or after a good meal, this sparkling wine is offered by the glass or bottle. It is possible to settle down in the adjoining gardens, between the blonde stones and in the shade of the trees. This timeless break is particularly enjoyable, I recommend the experience! To enhance the tasting, a few macaroons will delight gourmets, whether they are young or old.
  • Le Club Ephémère - Manon's favourite

    Le Club Ephémère - Manon's favourite

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    This event is ideal for enjoying concerts with friends, all around French and foreign wines, homemade beers, plates of local products.     If there's one thing we know how to do in Saint-Émilion, it's enjoy the moment! Château La Fleur Picon is proof of this with its not-to-be-missed Club Éphémère.   This event is ideal for enjoying concerts with friends, all around French and foreign wines, homemade beers and plates of local products. The program is eclectic and knows how to satisfy music lovers!   Last year, I experienced Club Éphémère during its "Grand Soir", the last evening of the season. That day, the rain invited itself all day long but at 7pm, the sun resurfaced as if to indicate that the party was not waiting. So yes, the pitch was wet, but never mind! A good pair of shoes, a small jacket and the party can begin. As soon as the first notes of music ring out on stage, the audience is crowding around the band. A food truck is present that evening, we devour a pullover to fall but also homemade noodles with vegetables, as melting as butter in the sun!   It's the perfect time to go and have a look at the stalls of artisanal products and, rock'n roll obliges, old vinyl records. Who knows, maybe we'll find a good opportunity?    
  • A magical encounter - Morgane's favourite

    A magical encounter - Morgane's favourite

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    We come out enchanted and enriched by these beautiful encounters that only happen here!   My favorite is a memory shared with my colleagues guides and lecturers from the Tourist Office.   One mild October evening, to celebrate the end of the season, we reserve a table in one of the city's gastronomic restaurants. As soon as we get settled in, we recognize a client sitting at the table opposite.   We often see this gentleman at the Office. He is German and comes regularly to visit the village. He has just finished his dinner and then settles down with us while we start the aperitif.Finally, we spend the whole meal in his company for a moment out of time.   Communicating as best we can between German, French and English, we talk about wine, philosophy, heritage, books, etc...   We leave enchanted and enriched by these beautiful encounters that only happen here.Moreover, it is night, the village is asleep under a starry sky and beautifully lit, it is my favourite time to wander through the medieval streets of Saint-Emilion.
  • An icecream at the King's Keep - Anaïs's favourite

    An icecream at the King's Keep - Anaïs's favourite

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    What a nice memory that sweet break with a well deserved ice cream after so much effort !   Back from a bike ride on a nice and sunny morning...   I climb the last hill leading me to the village of Saint-Émilion not without difficulty ... and with the first sunburn of the year in addition!   I feel tired but when I see this beautiful summer weather, a short climb to the Tour du Roy is necessary. I enjoy the beautiful scenery that offers itself to me and on my descent, the glacier stretches out its arms to me!   What a nice memory this sweet break with a well deserved ice cream after so much effort ! In memory of this delicious Greek yoghurt ice cream, water comes immediately to my mouth and my mind goes back to discover the beautiful landscapes of Saint-Emilion.
  • Saint-Emilion by bike - Thomas's favourite

    Saint-Emilion by bike - Thomas's favourite

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    Bicycle, work: too beautiful!     For the past few months, I've been getting to work thanks to public transport and the strength of my calves. From Bordeaux, the train drops me off at the foot of the village of Saint-Émilion. Then, every day, I make the trip from the station to the heart of the village on my bike. And every day, I marvel at the unique spectacle that is offered to me! Whether in the morning when I arrive and ride up the cobblestones of the rue Guadet, which is particularly quiet at this time of day ... or in the evening when I ride through the upper part of the village and the Saint-Martin and Berliquet sectors: it is a real pleasure to observe the centuries-old heritage of Saint-Émilion and its vineyards, sublimated by the setting sun or struck by a driving rain. In my opinion, there are far more difficult gestures to make to respect our planet than getting on your bike and riding through our beautiful landscape to go to work! The cold, the rain or the night will never overpower my enthusiasm and my desire to see the vine evolve, every day in front of my eyes. Would you also like to discover the Saint-Emilion region by bike? Then take a look at our bike loops here: https://bit.ly/2FusDEs
  • A sunset in Saint-Emilion - Lydie's favourite

    A sunset in Saint-Emilion - Lydie's favourite

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    "This special moment requires punctuality. It would be a shame to miss this ephemeral, simple, yet magical moment!"     One of my favorites when it comes to our beautiful territory is offered by Mother Nature: sunsets. The season I prefer? It's definitely autumn. The warm colors at the end of the season are indescribably beautiful. There are many places to contemplate this spectacle, but my favorite place is at the top of the bell tower of the underground church. This emblematic monument of the village once guided pilgrims in the Middle Ages to Saint-Émilion and is still a reference point for reaching the town today, like a lighthouse in an ocean of vineyards!   From the top of its slender silhouette, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama. But to get there, you'll have to be brave and climb the 196 steps of the spiral staircase leading to the Gothic balustrade. On arrival: panoramic view and wonder guaranteed! Especially at a time when the sun is waning, depositing its orange tones on the vineyard and sublimating the limestone. Be careful, this special moment requires punctuality: it would be a shame to miss this ephemeral, simple and yet so magical moment to experience.   Share your most beautiful moments of Saint-Emilion with us with the #mysaintemilion on Instagram!
  • Hidden Points of View - Jennifer's favourite

    Hidden Points of View - Jennifer's favourite

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    This unique view of the vineyard and the village makes you feel like you're somewhere else.   We are at the beginning of September at midday. A small moment of relaxation is necessary before continuing my day. I wander through the small cobbled streets of Saint-Émilion, taking care to stay away from the main roads. Arriving at the foot of the Tour du Roy, I continue on my way and move away from the heart of the medieval city. Little by little, the tourists leave the place to the vineyard and the calm. Leaning against a low stone wall, rue de la Madeleine, is my favourite viewpoint. This unique view of the vineyard and the village makes you feel elsewhere.
  • Saint-Emilion in all seasons - Ambre's favourite

    Saint-Emilion in all seasons - Ambre's favourite

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    Stroll through the seasons in Saint-Emilion ... What a jewel! Charm of yesteryear and joy of the moment have given me an appointment.     In the month of May do as you please! It was a Sunday with Sophie from Normandy, and what luck the sun was pouring down on us! After a picnic at the castle, we wandered among the vines and poppies, then we headed for Montagne and its nice mills, what a picture! Some merry people invited us to taste the bread and wine, we could see the children caracoling under their wings which squared the sky nicely ... Juin sang on summer evenings with his friends, when the countryside bloomed with cut grass, earth and fig trees, and wine slipped down my throat... I yawned at the crows, jazz notes escaped in the distance, little stars came into my ears. In August, the sun is everywhere, on the blonde facades, between the rows of vines, and in the smiles of passers-by. On our bikes, we were riding among friends, we greeted the Angelus, and around the bend, surprise, a beautiful ploughing animal... A white horse! It was led by a young English girl who had come to work in the area to join her Gironde lover! October and its wonders. The vermeil light pierced through the vine leaves and their pretty lace. And the Dordogne shuddered with its shimmering, shimmering beads, and the whole shoreline, the birch trees, the willows, the poplars of the valley adorned themselves in gold! I also remember a small romantic dewy morning, the dew beading on the web of a spider at work on the gate of the Clos Fourtet. In the cold of January, Charline was waiting for me at Place Stalingrad, in Bordeaux. On the road, we spent the time chatting. Arriving at Place du Clocher very early, we went to see the valley in the mist and the pinkish sky coming out of its torpor. And here comes spring! The mornings are clear, after the côte de la Madeleine, the poppies dance gently along the low stone walls. The road winds and already the bell tower is pointing its nose, here I am! Magic of the moment, the village invites me to push the doors of time ...
  • Meeting with winegrowers - Elodie's favourite

    Meeting with winegrowers - Elodie's favourite

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    Looking back, my best moment in Saint-Emilion was discovering the vineyard and especially the people who work there!   On an overcrowded day in March, as we know them well in the Bordeaux region, we decided with some friends and colleagues to go for a walk in the vineyard.   First stop: Château Soutard with its superb architecture. This is the perfect image of the "château" that we have in mind when we come to the Bordeaux region. The meeting with Léa, our guide, was memorable thanks to her way of presenting the wine. To discover the cellars of the Chateau, you have to use a glass elevator like "James Bond" or "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" ... the choice is yours!   From there, we went for a picnic at the Croix de Tourans, a spot to discover if you come to the region, offering an incredible view of the vineyard and its valley.   In the afternoon, our initiation continued with "smaller" châteaux, typical of Saint-Emilion, where we could meet the winemaker. My most beautiful memory was the meeting with Mr Sierra, owner of Château Toinet Fombrauge! This figure of the vineyard told us with passion about his work and made us taste the current vintage (the one that colours your lips with purple) right out of the barrel. Unforgettable!   The day ended with a visit to Château Champion. Véronique welcomed us there as if we were at home and made us taste her wines around a large table.   Here in a few lines my idea of the perfect day to spend in Saint-Emilion when the village is already familiar to you ... Probably one of those days that makes me want to work there day after day !
  • The stones whisper - Delphine's favourite

    The stones whisper - Delphine's favourite

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    As a native of the country, I have heard the heartbeat of Gironde's towns and villages since I was a child. The more I grew up, the more I became passionate about their stories. I like to share the peace, serenity and suspended time offered by stones and other materials often from another time. The pleasure of visits and heritage has always guided my steps towards Saint-Émilion. Solo or accompanied, it is during the beautiful season that I take the time for a few night escapades. I then wait for the effervescence of the day to subside. I take advantage of the sunset, a dinner on the terrace and then I listen to the noises of the night spreading out over the medieval city. I know that I am going to live a unique moment because there are some noises more perceptible than others... the quivering of stones. This limestone rock, typical of our region, dazzles at night and whispers in our ears their stories that began thousands of years ago. I wander through the alleys, the mounds, the squares... I caress and touch the stone. I take a long breath and I listen. Then I feel under my fingers the eternal vibrations of the heritage. The magic works again. And each time, it gives me an extraordinary sensation that I invite you to discover during your next stay here in Saint-Émilion!
  • Château de Ferrand - Cécilia's favourite

    Château de Ferrand - Cécilia's favourite

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    A memorable event at the Château de Ferrand     Working at the Tourist Office gives us the opportunity to make magical encounters in Saint-Emilion, whether with people or places.   It was one of these encounters last winter that particularly touched me. In January, I was able to experience one of these memorable encounters at the Château de Ferrand in the company of part of the Tourist Office team.   Nestled on a rocky promontory in Saint-Hippolyte, a small town about ten minutes from the medieval city, the Château de Ferrand was waiting for us to give us an extraordinary experience during which French charm took on its full meaning.   Adrien, sommelier of the Château for 10 years, was waiting for us for a visit of the property. It must be said that he excels in the art of entertaining. I then discovered the new spaces of the Château de Ferrand, renovated in a refined contemporary style. The tasting room with its walls decorated with frescoes drawn in BIC is incredible. The large lounge and its fireplace amazed me.   After this magical discovery for the eyes, our taste buds were delighted! The gourmet lunch served in the dining room of the Château and accompanied by old magnum vintages will remain in my memory for a long time.   The most incredible thing about this experience is that anyone can choose to live it. At the Tourist Office, we will be happy to organize this exceptional moment for you.
  • The Monolithic Church - Agnès's favourite

    The Monolithic Church - Agnès's favourite

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    This huge lady carved out of a single block of rock...   Native of the region, my favorite is the monolith or "monolitre", as I have often heard in the mouths of visitors, experts in puns...   This immense lady dug in a single block of rock at the end of the 11th century fascinates me and will always captivate me.   I like to enter it and imagine it in its splendour. The windows, nowadays condemned and 11m high, were supposed to let the sun's rays penetrate, which certainly illuminated the draperies, tapestries and other hanging hangings.   Each altar had to be surmounted by marvellously carved wooden modules, lit by the flames of the candles that remained lit.   With all these sources of light, the frescoes with their shimmering colours must have been so beautiful and the bas-reliefs so imposing. As a guide I have the chance from time to time to accompany singing lovers, who like to test the acoustics of this sacred place.   There and only at that moment if I close my eyes, the sleeping beauty comes back to life and colours, for my greatest happiness.