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At the heart of a path that lead you between Bordeaux and Saint -Emilion , the Libournais territory gives you the opportunity for a great little trip towards nature, historic heritage, relaxation, and famous wineries brands.


You will be seduced by its landscapes and its sweet way of life. Vineyards, wooded hillsides and rivers suggest amazing hiking paths, swimming and fishing places, but also an interesting ecologic natural area.


A past forward looking to the wine Trade ensured the region prosperity for centuries and bequeath a unique patrimony as for example the British Walled Town of Libourne ( XIIIe century) and also wonderful roman churches as the Abbey of Guîtres, wash house, mills…


Wine growers open the door of their properties to share their passion with you. From a charming hotel to a campsite, you will find your suitable accommodation and the cooking you like with our delicious “terroir” local cuisine linked to tradition, quality, and local roots.The Libournais territory it’s also ever year, more and more organized events and festivals, so let’s your inspiration guide you!


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