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Lascaux finally reveals his art, and more.


On December 15th, 2016, Lascaux is revealed to you in the new setting of the International Centre of Parietal Art, offering a unique experience of Lascaux, the parietal art and its influence on contemporary art.


The trail of the International Centre of Parietal Art, punctuated by 6 different sequences, invites visitors to contemplate and feel the authentic emotion of the discovery of the cave, to learn, to observe it, to question, and think about the environmental and cultural context in which it was performed.


From the viewpoint, the view encompasses a vast panorama and impregnates the Lascaux geographical context that the lead on the way to the cave. This allows them the contemplation of paintings and prints of Lascaux.


The workshop Lascaux is designed to facilitate understanding of the works of the cave, through digital and educational experience. Disassembles the cave under the eyes of visitors to deliver all their secrets.


The International Centre of Parietal Art Montignac-Lascaux then invites visitors to explore different fields of knowledge.


The theater wall art back on the work of the prehistory of the nineteenth century to the present and analyzes the centrality of Lascaux in this evolution.


3D cinema can explore the cave until its details and offers a comparison with the masterpieces of world rock art. The imaginary gallery explores the links between wall art, modern art and contemporary art in an interactive digital gallery. Finally, the exhibition is devoted to contemporary artists.


The visit of the International Centre of Parietal Art allows unprecedented confrontation, touching and fun between the past, present and future human.


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Crédit photo : Casson Mann, Snohetta

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