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La Croix de Tourans - Muriel's favourite


Saint-Emilion Tourisme
Place des Créneaux

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"The Bois de la Croix de Tourans is a natural promontory...

...that offers a startling spectacle."


Just a few minutes drive from Saint-Émilion is my favorite, the wood of the Croix de Tourans.


After walking along a small dirt road between the vines on a beautiful summer evening, we enter a small wood with very fine and sparse trees, but enough to shelter us from the heat.


The depth of the wood is limited and leads to a halo of light, compared to the darkness of the undergrowth. As we approach this light, we suddenly find ourselves facing a fantastic landscape that stretches for miles at our feet! Fields, valleys, villages, a monochrome of green, beige and yellow (hot summer obliges). A cross is in the middle of this point of view, like the bow of a boat in front of a limitless horizon. An orientation table is set up next to it, giving precious information about the landscape around us.


I recommend this place because it is intimate in the high season. It is a natural headland that offers a striking spectacle and remains quite wild. It is ideal for a picnic or a cool break, in communion with nature!



You too can discover this place by following the route of our hike "À la croisée des appellations": https://bit.ly/3tXrfOW

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