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Château Montlabert


"Château Montlabert: a poetic place"


During my first few weeks of work experience, I had the chance to visit some properties, including Château Montlabert. This one is located a few minutes from the entrance of Saint-Emilion.

From the outside, the Château is discreet, and it's hard to imagine discovering these buildings. We were welcomed by a smiling team, in the heart of a Château in which we immediately felt at ease.
We were first given a taste of our visit with the screening of a film, before setting off to discover the park and the cellar. It was a real surprise to see these buildings, which resonate with each other from the garden, and to discover the poetic arrangements made by the architect.

Every detail is designed to add a story, such as the light inlets, the natural ventilation to keep the cellar at the right temperature, the design of the tanks, or the stairs. In addition, the sound and light projection in the heart of the barrel cellar cuts us off from the outside world.

The five senses are stimulated throughout the visit, allowing a complete immersion in the heart of the life of the vineyard.

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