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Meeting with winegrowers - Elodie's favourite


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Looking back, my best moment in Saint-Emilion was discovering the vineyard and especially the people who work there!


On an overcrowded day in March, as we know them well in the Bordeaux region, we decided with some friends and colleagues to go for a walk in the vineyard.


First stop: Château Soutard with its superb architecture. This is the perfect image of the "château" that we have in mind when we come to the Bordeaux region. The meeting with Léa, our guide, was memorable thanks to her way of presenting the wine. To discover the cellars of the Chateau, you have to use a glass elevator like "James Bond" or "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" ... the choice is yours!


From there, we went for a picnic at the Croix de Tourans, a spot to discover if you come to the region, offering an incredible view of the vineyard and its valley.


In the afternoon, our initiation continued with "smaller" châteaux, typical of Saint-Emilion, where we could meet the winemaker. My most beautiful memory was the meeting with Mr Sierra, owner of Château Toinet Fombrauge! This figure of the vineyard told us with passion about his work and made us taste the current vintage (the one that colours your lips with purple) right out of the barrel. Unforgettable!


The day ended with a visit to Château Champion. Véronique welcomed us there as if we were at home and made us taste her wines around a large table.


Here in a few lines my idea of the perfect day to spend in Saint-Emilion when the village is already familiar to you ... Probably one of those days that makes me want to work there day after day !

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