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La Tour de Montaigne - Solène's favourite


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From the outside, the view is magnificent!



Notice to all lovers of literature - but not only: a trip to the Château de Montaigne, situated on the border between the Gironde and the Dordogne, will delight the spirits!


This grandiose residence dating from the 14th century and having belonged to the Eyquem family, Lords of Montaigne, will plunge you into the world of the famous writer and philosopher.


From outside, the view is magnificent! One overlooks the Dordogne valley for miles around... Surrounded by vineyards (the estate is also a wine estate) and gardens, it is easy to imagine where the inspiration came from for Michel de Montaigne who retired several years in his tower at different periods of his life.

The visit allows us to recall the life of the philosopher, his family and his entourage. It is as well adapted to children as to adults since educational booklets are offered to families and schoolchildren (treasure hunt format).


Guided tours also offer the possibility of discovering the tower which includes different rooms where the famous writer liked to spend his time. The most remarkable remains for me the library where he had various quotations inscribed on the ceiling; quotations which he used as inspiration for writing his essays.


This plunge into the past only gives one desire: to (re)read part of his work to better understand what he lived through and how he analysed his time.



These few lines made you want to go for a walk at the Château de Montaigne? All the information about visits can be found here: https://bit.ly/36V5y9c

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