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Le Village du Livre - Solène's favourite


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Place des Créneaux

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The Imagination Bookstore is aptly named!



On my way to the book village in Sablons, I didn't think that such a large and varied collection could occupy a monument as atypical as an old mill dating from the 17th century. The bookstore of the imaginary bears its name well! Contrary to what one might think, there are not only books, even if it covers the majority of his collection with some 500,000 works available.


The space has been optimized to showcase various types of collections. The former flour-making rooms have been converted into exhibition rooms where you can find documents divided up by theme, such as the world of comic strips on the ground floor, or various and varied objects such as scale models, posters, postcards and musical documents.


The space, spread over several floors, allows us to wander through rooms with evocative names of writers or artists. A real Ali Baba's cave for book lovers like me! Some of them are several centuries old: a real treat for the eyes! And icing on the cake, it is even possible to buy them ... because as its name suggests, it is above all a bookstore.


The site is so rich that it is very easy to spend the day there! A restaurant area is also accessible, whose terrace offers a magnificent view of the confluence of the Isle and the Dronne rivers, which were used to feed the mill. A perfect opportunity to end the visit in style or simply take a break before setting off again to discover these countless wonders...



For you too go on a trip to the imaginary bookstore, click here: https://bit.ly/34QMaHM

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