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La Grotte Célestine - Solène's favourite


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Journey to the center of the Célestine cave


In Saint-Emilion, there is not only wine and old stones full of history. To the south of the village, a marvel lies hidden in the bowels of the commune of Rauzan.

It is the Célestine cave, discovered by chance at the end of the 19th century by a well-digger. It was later renamed after the name of the owner of the house built above these caves, an old little lady who, at the beginning of the 20th century, allowed explorers to get to know it better and to preserve it...

It is the ideal place for an original activity to do with family or friends. From the outside, there's nothing to suggest the beauty of the place. After getting into the right conditions for the underground expedition - i.e. warmly covered as it is only 14°C in the cave and equipped with boots and a protective helmet with frontal light - you descend some 13 metres underground to discover stalactites, stalagmites and magnificent natural works of art like real speleologists.

The guided tour of around 400m allows you to learn many secrets about this hidden gem underground, with anecdotes and clear information.

This fun experience, with your feet in the water, which lasts an hour, will amaze you with its many natural formations that shine as the droplets ooze out of the rock.


A visit to the Célestine cave is a visit not to be missed! Visit our website to learn more: https://bit.ly/3lG8HxD

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