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The collegiate church - Christelle's favourite


Saint-Emilion Tourisme
Place des Créneaux

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15 minutes to sit on a bench...



Take the time to settle down... to settle your body and mind! I gave myself 15 minutes ago. 15 minutes isn't much... but it's so precious and useful in our hectic lives.

15 minutes to sit on a pew... not a pew as in the song, but a church pew. Not to pray, but to meditate and observe. And not in just any church but the Collegiate Church of St. Emilion.

Sit in the chapel to the right of the heart with its contemporary stained glass windows. On that day, clouds and light came and went... The light from the red, blue, orange, green stained glass windows reflected on the Gothic walls of this church.

At first in pastel shades, the lights then totally disappeared before coming back brighter than ever in favour of the sun, revealing the reflection of the birds warming themselves against the golden stone outside.
15 minutes, symbols for me of the harmony existing between human construction and Nature... as it should always be!



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