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The Brunet Gate - Alexis's favourite


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Place des Créneaux

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Here, everything is peaceful because few visitors cross this path.


In the summer, after a day's work, I like to go to the Porte Brunet to recharge my batteries. I then sit on a small low wall, the one facing the countryside.

From there, I find myself perched above ancient earthworks where the ramparts were built to protect the village of Saint-Émilion as early as the twelfth century. This is where the sheep of the small local farmer graze peacefully, without worrying about the passage of time.

A little further on, I let my eyes go down into the coomb facing me, to slowly go back up the hillsides dotted with vines. A little further on, the plateau gradually disappears to give way to a valley that stretches as far as the eye can see.

From the top of my observation post, I can feel the warm evening breeze caressing my face. Here, everything is peaceful because few visitors cross this path. All I can hear is the distant noise of birds and insects.

Then, after a while, the light fades, the colours of the painting before my eyes change slowly. The shadows stretch out, and little by little the houses in the distance turn on their lights, as if they wanted to echo the celestial vault that now appears before me, infinite. I also see the great road that passes through the valley and, from time to time, the passing train. I look at this activity with curiosity, like a child observing an anthill in activity.

I then try to imagine the life of these people who do not know that I am there, on the lookout. Little by little I get lost in my thoughts and forget the fatigue of the day.


And I feel good!



To learn more about the history of this famous Porte Brunet, go here: https://bit.ly/33VknGZ

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