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A rich terroir for exceptional wines


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The terroir is the whole land of a region that gives to the product grown on it a certain singularity.


As we could explain it to you during one of our guided tours, the terroir is defined by three things :

  • the soil
  • the grape variety
  • and the man who works them.


The wealth of the terroir of Grand Saint-Émilionnais Area first comes from the symbiosis between several natural elements :

  • a remarkable geological variety (soils consisted of limestone, argilo-calcareous, sandy and gravel)
  • a continental temperate microclimate
  • and a relief with a gentle slops that exposes the vines to the sun.



The combination of these great conditions for viticulture as well as a clever blending of grape varieties (mostly Merlot combined with Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec in smaller proportions) give to the wine a large variety of taste and smell.


These grape varieties have also, their features :

  • The MERLOT brings fullness and generosity as well as fragrances of red and black fruits such as blackberry and cherry. It has become the privileged grape variety in Saint-Émilion.
  • The CABERNET FRANC, tannic and very aromatic, brings delicacy and elegance.
  • Finally CABERNET SAUVIGNON brings spicy aromas and contributes to the longevity of wine with hard tannins.


The wine of the Grand Saint-Émilionnais Area can as well be hard and concentrate as refined and delicate.


The aromatic nuances also depend on the different wine ageing techniques :

  • barrel ageing brings greater aromatic complexity with smoked, roasted or toasted aromas.
  • maturing in bottles reveals mineral notes, spices (sweet spices, vanilla) and truffles aromas.


Over time, the wines of Saint-Émilion have a red-brick color, orange and offer a complexity in mouth that makes you want to enjoy a second glass ... always in moderation !


The harvest period is also quite spectacular to discover on our territory! Don't hesitate to come and attend between mid-September and the end of October! And for all the others, go here to discover them in drawings.


Vocabulary :

  • The grape variety : the variety of vine used to make wine.
  • The tannin : Substance contained in the seeds and skin of grapes. It's essential in red wines where it forms the tannic component allowing the wine to evolve over time.


Careful : Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health. Please drink responsibly.

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