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Les Estivales de Montagne


Les Estivales de Montagne
2 place Saint-Martin

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Since 2020, Les Estivales de Montagne has been offering an unmissable cultural event in the Grand Saint-Emilionnais during the first week of August.


From the 1st to the 5th of August 2023


Created by Mrs. Isabelle Geday and chaired by Mrs. Marie-Christine Gadras, this Festival aims to create a recurrent cultural event in Montagne:

  • to give visibility to the territory
  • to build a reputation and a qualitative image
  • to strengthen the local community around Art
  • to enhance the value of our heritage: the Trois Romanes, the Presbytery Park, the castles of our town, the mills
  • to perpetuate the tourist stays around Saint-Emilion.

The Estivales de Montagne: what does the Festival consist of?

  • A week of shows each summer and events throughout the year
  • First week of August: traditionally, good weather and high attendance
  • 5 or 6 varied shows, concerts, theatre, dance on a common theme, in 2021, the South and on sites spread throughout the village
  • Exhibitions, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photos
  • Wine tastings from partner winegrowers
  • Audio guided tours, on foot or by bike, of the area
  • Cooperation with the "Youth" team of the Communauté de Communes



Programme to come...

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