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A bit of mountain - Ediwge's favorite


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Place des Créneaux

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"The 360° view gives this place a little (very little) mountain side".


One place I like to walk around is the little hill on which the Calon mills stand. I am lucky enough to live not too far away, a few kilometres, and I make it an almost obligatory and very frequent part of my walks/hiking in the Saint Emilionnais.

Five mill remains within a few metres of each other, two of which are fully and perfectly restored, are a pleasure for the eyes. Moreover, the 360° view around gives this place a little (very little) mountain side... Mountain, is the perfect french traduction of the village where they are situated (Montagne). Groups of friends often come here for a picnic, or brides and grooms who have come to immortalise the big day.

A place to discover if not already done, and to share.



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