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A bit of mountain - Ediwge's favorite


Saint-Emilion Tourisme
Place des Créneaux
33330 Saint-Emilion

05 57 55 28 28



"My main compass: the bell tower of the monolithic church"



A few months ago, I started running from the Tourist Office. With one or two colleagues, we run for 40 minutes without really having a set route.


My pleasure: to set off without knowing where to go and to discover each time new paths, to contemplate new lights and wine estates always more striking than the others, to take a real break during the day in order to be able to recharge my batteries in these endless vineyards worked by men and women.


My main compass: the bell tower of the monolithic church. I never go to the same place with the aim of voluntarily getting lost in the first half of my run, in order to go on an adventure in ever more remarkable landscapes: combining business with pleasure ! Despite everything, the imposing bell tower of the monolithic church remains my landmark and always leads me back to the Office. I discovered paths through the vineyards, historical relics and viewpoints, each more exceptional than the last, from the heights of the slopes overlooking the Dordogne valley or the satellites of Saint-Emilion.

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