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The Parc Guadet - Christelle's favourite


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The Parc Guadet and its slices of life!



As a native of the area, I have had the time to sit down more than once in this pretty Parc Guadet, a small English-style garden in the village of Saint-Émilion.

It is moving to bring my daughter to play in these places where I also played as a child: prize-giving ceremony at the end of the school year, end of school year party, playground with my friends...
All the big events also take place in this park, a place for all the parties with a drink in hand (but in moderation!): Jazz Festival, farmers' markets, July 14th...

But how could I have ignored for so long, this house of the Park with its commemorative plate evoking Elie Guadet, native of the village and moderate deputy of the Convention in 1793, namely one of the Girondins! First hidden in the famous "Puit des Girondins" during the Terror (in the courtyard of the Saint Valéry school - private), he was hidden in this house by his father until their arrest in June 1794. Elie Guadet and another of his fellow Girondins were hidden in the attic of the small low building visible on the left of the house. You won't see this Tennis Club building the same now, I'm sure!

This "simple municipal park" has sheltered, shelters and will shelter for a long time to come the lives of many people... not only mine.


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