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Sainte-Terre, Capital of the Sea Lamprey


Office de Tourisme du Grand Saint-Emilionnais
Place du Clocher - 33330 Saint-Emilion

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Sainte-Terre, capital of the sea lamprey


The town of Sainte-Terre proclaimed itself the world Capital of the sea lamprey in 1990. It has chosen to celebrate this 450 million years oldaquatic animal and made it a study object and a opportunity to friendly and gastronomic meetings !



On this county established along the Dordogne, fishing is a tradition that has continued until today. They fish sea lamprey, mainly. Some fishermen assure that Saint-Terre is the best place to fish sea lamprey, because it is at this level that the animal is at its best in his journey along the river.


This story is found on the coat of arms of Sainte-Terre with:

  • the grape representing the vine,
  • the sea lamprey reminding that the town is the capital of the sea lamprey,
  • the barge alluding to the merchant shipping of the nineteenth century on the Dordogne
  • and the scallop representing the location of Sainte-Terre on the way to Santiago de Compostela.






Sea Lamprey's Celebration

Located along the Dordogne, Sainte-Terre organizes each year the famous Sea Lamprey's Celebration. Usually organized the last weekend of April by several associations of Sainte-Terre, this event aims to promote the gastronomic speciality recognized unanimously of the Sea Lamprey from Bordeaux.

Participants may attend to inthronizations by the Brotherhood of the Sea Lamprey ; but also have lunch there, bargain-hunt in the large flea market, discover the crafts exhibitors, local produces exhibitors, flowers and local wines.


The Garden of the Sea Lamprey

Opened in 2005, the botanical garden offers more than 400 species of waterside plants. An exhibit space and a showroom allow visitors to observe the sea lampreys in an aquarium, but also to buy living sea lampreys or conserves at the Tourist Office.

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