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Philosophia Festival


Festival Philosophia
16, chemin de Boisbelet - 33230 COUTRAS

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The 13th edition of the Festival Philosophia de Saint-Emilion will be held from 22nd to 26th May in Saint-Emilion and Libourne.

The theme 2019 will be "The History" !





19h30 Passion, cruelty, secrecy: what are we looking for in historical series?

Olivier Coquard, historian and Thibaut de Saint-Maurice, philosopher

Moderator: Victor Battaggion, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Historia

Course of the media library, Libourne. In partnership with Historia





19h30 What is European about European realities? Heinz Wismann, philosopher and philologist

Moderator: Sophie Geoffrion, philosopher practitioner. Media library course, Libourne





Youth Philosophia Day.

Workshops offered to schools, colleges and lycées by philosophers:

Sophie Geoffrion, Chiara Pastorini, Mazarine Pingeot, Jean-Paul Mongin, Benoit Heilbrunn

18:30 Presentation of the 2nd Philosophia Jeunesse Prize. In the presence of the jury members. Gothic Hall, Saint-Emilion. In partnership with Château Angélus

20h00 Cinema-music evening. Screening of the film Charlot Soldat accompanied on piano by the composer Karol Beffa. Dominican Hall, Saint-Emilion. Participation 5€





9:00 Philo Lab'. Sophie Nordmann, philosopher and Gilles Hanus, philosopher. Workshop in groups on philosophical texts. Dominican Hall. On reservation - Duration 3 hours

10:00 Master Class. Philosopher with the children. Sophie Geoffrion, philosopher and Jean-Paul Mongin, philosopher. Garden side. On reservation - Duration 1h30

10:00 Pomerol. Reinvent the historical comic book. Jean Harambat, comic book author, philosopher and Martin Legros, philosopher. Pomerol Wine Union

11:00-17:00 Great philosophy game through the village of Saint-Emilion. Proposed and animated by the team of Philéas et Autobule. All audiences. Details in The Festival's pluses. On reservation only

13h30 Youth workshop: The New Philosopher Apprentices. Multidisciplinary workshop (13h30-18h00), led by Sophie Geoffrion, Laurence Niedzwiecki, Karinka Szabo-Detchart. Saint Valéry School. On reservation - Participation 5€

14.00 Cultural heritage, a mirror of history. Jean Musitelli, Ambassador of France to UNESCO. Moderator: Jean Audouze, astrophysicist. Dominican Hall

14h00 The fall of Rome, a breakthrough in the relationship to time and history? Marie-Françoise Baslez, historian and Jean-François Petit, philosopher. Moderator: Benoit de Sagazan, editor-in-chief of Le Monde de la Bible. Cloister of the Collegiate Church. In partnership with Bible World

14:00 The story with a little axe. Benoit Heilbrunn, philosopher and marketing professor. Gothic Hall

14:00 Tavern. Why are we telling stories? Sylvie and Eric Hello, Laurent Neveu, philosophy teachers. Gothic Hall

15h30 Genealogy, what a story! François Weil, historian. Dominican Hall

15h30 A brief philosophical history of history. Hannah Arendt: Why is there history rather than nothing? Martin Legros, philosopher, editor-in-chief of Philosophie Magazine. Moderator: Emmanuelle Frayssac, Professor of Philosophy. Cloister of the Collegiate Church. In partnership with Philosophie Magazine. Followed, at 5:00 pm, by a meeting with the readers of the magazine proposed by Martin Legros.

15h30 The journalist, historian of the daily newspaper. Sophie Geoffrion, philosopher, Nicolas Espitalier, editor of Mag Sud-Ouest, Christophe Lucet, editorial writer at Sud-Ouest. Gothic room. In partnership with the Mag Sud-Ouest

15h30 Philosophy walk with Montaigne. Anne-Marie Cocula, historian. Departure from the Logis de Malet. Arrival and tastings at Château Soutard. On reservation - Participation 5€ - Duration 2h

17h00 Projection/debate. A century in their heads. Jean-Michel Djian, journalist and political scientist. Dominican Hall

17h00 Bread and wine: a history of humanity. Sheep, baker, François Mitjavile, winegrower. Moderator: Fanny Cheyrou, Editor-in-Chief of Panorama Gothic Hall. In partnership with Panorama

17h00 The curse of history and the collective psyche: the case of Haiti. Didier Le Bret, diplomat. Moderator: Christophe Lucet, editorial writer at Sud Ouest. Garden side

18:30 Geopolitical timelines. Pascal Boniface, geopolitologist. Cloister of the Collegiate Church

18h30 The acceleration of history. Christophe Bouton, philosopher. Moats of the Manoir Galhaud

20:00 Philosophy and music evening. Improvisations on the theme of history by Karol Beffa, musician, composer. Dominican Hall. Participation 5€





10:30 am The "probable" history of the Universe. Jean Audouze, astrophysicist. Michel Cassé, astrophysicist. Moderator: Mazarine Pingeot, philosopher. Dominican Hall

10:30 am Restitution of the Philo&Coaching course. "Cap Sens - Dealing with your history. ». Proposed by Trans-Humans. Moderated by Claire Couroyer and Pierre Ferrère. Gothic Hall

11:00 Philo Apéro. Laurence Niedzwiecki, actress. 

Gilles Cuzacq, musician. Logis de Malet

2:30 p. m. I'm moving, so I'm here! Georges Vigarello, philosopher. Moderator: Jean-François Fournel, journalist La Croix. Dominican Hall. In partnership with La Croix

14h30 The origins of life: the future of a very distant past. Marie-Christine Maurel, biologist. Moderator: Jean Audouze, astrophysicist. Cloister of the Collegiate Church

14h30 History and philosophy: the common matrix. Mazarine Pingeot, philosopher. Moats of the Manoir Galhaud

14h30 The history of the dominated. Seloua Luste Soulbina, philosopher. Moderator: Daniel Truong-Loï, Senior Professor. Garden side

15h30 Philosophy walk with Montesquieu. Catherine Larrère, philosopher. Departure from the Logis de Malet. Arrival and tastings at Château Franc Mayne. On reservation - Participation 5€ - Duration 2h

16:00 The witness and the historian. Annette Wieviorka, historian. Moderator: Christophe Lucet, editorial writer at Sud Ouest. Dominican Hall

16:00 Interview. The emergencies of a historian. Christian Ingrao, historian. Philippe Petit, philosopher. Cloister of the Collegiate Church

16h00 History of an object: The chair. Another look at Japanese modernity. Anne Gossot, historian and sociologist. Moderator: Sophie Geoffrion, philosopher. Gothic Hall

18:00 Interview. What is the purpose of the story? Mickaël Foessel, philosopher. Martin Legros, Editor-in-Chief of Philosophy. Magazine. Dominican Hall. In partnership with Philosophie Magazine






Saturday, May 25, all day long, come and play with the Phileas and Autobule team and become super-philosophers!

A family and fun game that will take you through the village of Saint-Emilion with challenges and puzzles to learn or rediscover the elements essential to the practice of philosophy. Open to all from 6 years old. Groups of 2 to 15 people. Departures Place de l'église monolithe, every 40 min. Free of charge



Find the speakers' books at the Point Librairie. The Maddison and FormatLivre Accacia bookshops offer a selection of reference works in philosophy as well as those of the festival's speakers. Signing sessions proposed at the end of the meetings. Cloister of the Collegiate Church



Radio27.be - a Belgian associative web radio station - is set up at the heart of the "Philosophia" festival. Its hosts will welcome a group of guests around several major programs broadcast live or recorded. A project supported by Laïcité Brabant Wallon. Meet them at the Cloister of the Collegiate Church



Selected by Philosophia's partners, aphorisms on the theme of history make up a large exhibition. Dominican Hall




ATTENTION, the meetings organized as part of the Philosophia festival are free and open access within the limit of places.

available, except for philosophy walks, workshops and evening shows (price of 5)

Conferences start on time.

In order not to disrupt their smooth running, late arrivals may be denied access.

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