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Sarlat Périgord Noir


Office de Tourisme de Sarlat Périgord Noir - 3, rue Tourny - BP 114
24203 SARLAT

05 53 31 45 45




Sarlat, the pearl of Périgord Noir


Discover a unique heritage, a well-preserved setting, gourmet food and products that express the good life, as the harmony of this region’s charming landscapes slowly reveals itself to you.

Sarlat is an architectural treasure: a pleasant blend of styles from different periods, ranging from medieval times to the 16th century. A certain harmony arises from the patina of the local blond building stone and the thackstone roofs.

To stroll along the cobblestone lanes is to view nearly one thousand years of architecture, where the predominantly golden walls and thackstone roofs drink in the sunshine to restore its radiance at twilight.


Power lines were also eradicated, to the delight of photographers and lovers of old stones.


Lose yourself in Sarlat’s sunny streets; succumb to the evening magic of its gas lighting and remarkable street performances.  Everything you need for an unforgettable holiday awaits you here.


Sarlat Tourism 

The name “Sarlat” conjures glowing images to experienced gourmets. A dab of foie gras, a touch of truffle, and paradise is yours.

Unforgettable: The Sarlat market, one of the most picturesque in all of France. 

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