Bordeaux Tourisme et Congrès - 12 Cours du 30 Juillet

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With 1810 hectares listed by Unesco and 347 buildings listed as Historic Monuments, Bordeaux is the largestdistinguished urban center in the world. The heart of town, dedicated to the tram and bicycles, facilitates travel from one area to another, with, always in the center, the Garonne.


In the north, the Chartrons, former stronghold of wine merchants, has become the second-hand dealers, antique and design shops. Here is the vast Quinconces sqiare. Behind its plane trees, the district of "Great Men" is a tribute to our thinkers from Montaigne to Diderot. It is also called the "Triangle" for its luxury shops, its mansions and the majestic Grand Theatre, a masterpiece signed by Victor Louis.


The old Bordeaux is an epicurean paradise with fine restaurants over the squares and pedestrian streets : its eighteenth facades, Parliament Square, the St. Pierre district ... to visit his nose in the air to admire the mascarons, these figures etched in stone, a Bordeaux specialty.


A short hop and here Pey Berland, rich three monuments registered on the UNESCO: the tower of the same name, magnificent viewpoint over the city, St. Andrew's Cathedral and the Rohan Palace, current Town Hall. In the south, the door Cailhau and the "Grosse Cloche" announce Saint-Michel: this cosmopolitan seduces with its curious smells of spices, the bustling market Capuchin and flea markets. The Victory Square is the reserved for students, with terraces and bars.


Finally, you can go to the right bank, taking the stone bridge: very green, like the Botanical Garden and city parks along the waterfront, it offers an incomparable view of the "Port of the Moon" and classified facades. And surprises too: a blue lion place Stalingrad, the Niel barracks, the Chaban-Delmas bridge ...


Because Bordeaux also love contemporary architecture, evidenced buildings signed Richard Rogers (High Court), Philippe Starck (Hotel Mama Shelter), Herzog & de Meuron (Matmut Atlantic) ...


Crédit photo : C. Bouthe - V. Bengold - T. Sanson

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