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The applications dedicated to wine


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In recent years, tasting and consumption have tended to generalize in France. Thanks to (or because of ?) the development of this new target, many mobile applications (for smartphones or tablets) have been developed to present the wine in a playful way and make it accessible to the greatest number.


Here is a small overview of some mobile applications about wine :



Vivino : an application that makes wine accessible


Vivino was founded in 2009 in Denmark and it is today the most famous free wine application with more than 3 million users.


The utility of this application is to take a photograph of the tag of the wine bottle (without needing QRCode or FlashCode) to have a lot of information about this particular wine (prices, evaluations and even suggestions of dishes).


Vivino also provides access to community feedback.


Finally, the last feature for which you have to pay for : you can sort and store your photos of wine bottles to form your personal cellar.


Advantages :

- A rather solid database

- Many users allow to enrich the database


Drawbacks :

- Application only in English

- The scanner option does not always work



My cellars and tastings : an application to manage your personal cellar


My cellars and tastings is an application created by Mathieu Benoit to manage your wine cellar but also champagnes, beers and even olive oils!


This application allows to manage your entries and exits of bottles, your tastings and your favorites without any server and no community.


Advantages :


- The interface is simple, fast and useful.

- You can navigate in different subcategories: "in cellar", "per shelf" or "last entries".


Drawback :

- The cellar is limited in number of bottles.




Winenjoy : an application to learn how to taste and evaluate wine



This application created by Guillaume Roy allows to evaluate the tasting of your wine by respecting each step :

- wine

- aspect

- aromas

- flavors

- synthesis

In addition, it's possible to add comments for each step of the tasting.



The 2nd version available since the October 14th of 2016 includes some new features :

- new design

- 3 tasting categories : fast, normal or complete

- tasting statistics integrated in the dashboard


Advantages :


- A wide range of colours, aromas and flavors.

- The small annotations for each step of the wine tasting make it possible to remember certain particularities.


Drawback :

- It is difficult to an inexperienced person to be able to find the aromas, for instance.




A dish and a wine : an application to combine flavors


The website toutlevin.com in partnership with "Nicolas Stores " (french wine merchant) has founded a free application to combine dishes and wines harmonies with a database of 10,000 different harmonies and a navigation by food, region and wine.


The latest update of the application in 2015 made it possible to add 500 information review cards on wines : location, grape varieties, tasting notes or vintage maps ...


Advantages :

- Large variety of harmonies according to culinary tastes.

- Very useful to offer a good bottle of wine when you are invited to eat at someone's place.


Drawback :

- Harmonies remain fairly classics.



The Wine Test : un playful quiz on wine 


This free application was developed by La Revue du Vin de France and aims to test your knowledge about wine with over 1,000 questions! You have to answer in 1 minute 30 seconds.


There are two different game modes:

- alone

- 1vs1 to face another player


The little extra of this game are the gifts to be won. Indeed, each week the first of the classification wins a bottle of wine selected by La Revue du Vin de France.


Advantage :

- Fun application


Drawback :

- Advertisements are activated during the test annoying the smooth running of the game.



Whether you are an unconditional of digital applications, a lover of good wines or simply curious, it's up to you to choose the wine application that suits you!


To be found among many other applications related to wine on Google Play > (for Android) or on the Apple Store (for iOS).



Careful : Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health. Please drink responsibly.

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