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A sunset in Saint-Emilion - Lydie's favourite


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"This special moment requires punctuality.
It would be a shame to miss this ephemeral, simple, yet magical moment!"



One of my favorites when it comes to our beautiful territory is offered by Mother Nature: sunsets. The season I prefer? It's definitely autumn. The warm colors at the end of the season are indescribably beautiful.

There are many places to contemplate this spectacle, but my favorite place is at the top of the bell tower of the underground church. This emblematic monument of the village once guided pilgrims in the Middle Ages to Saint-Émilion and is still a reference point for reaching the town today, like a lighthouse in an ocean of vineyards!


From the top of its slender silhouette, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama. But to get there, you'll have to be brave and climb the 196 steps of the spiral staircase leading to the Gothic balustrade. On arrival: panoramic view and wonder guaranteed! Especially at a time when the sun is waning, depositing its orange tones on the vineyard and sublimating the limestone.

Be careful, this special moment requires punctuality: it would be a shame to miss this ephemeral, simple and yet so magical moment to experience.


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