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The macaroon of Saint-Emilion - Marjorie's favourite


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My Proust madeleine? The macaroons of Saint-Émilion



My very own Proust madeleine is the Saint-Émilion macaroon.


This warm and so particular smell of almonds takes me back to my childhood, when I would walk through the doors of Mrs Blanchez's shop on Saturday morning as I was leaving the presbytery, with a precious 10 franc coin given to me by my grandmother to give me a pocket of sweets.


This soft small cake that I delicately removed from the small paper on which it was presented, like a treasure that one takes out of its case; this thin golden layer on top, just crunchy and crackling in the mouth, brings me back to Sunday meals that took on a festive air when there were macaroons on the table to accompany the coffee.


I am lucky to still have the opportunity to enjoy these delicious macaroons that remind me of my childhood in Saint-Émilion at my grandparents' house. Nadia Fermigier, Mrs Blanchez's successor, was able to reproduce the recipe identically, faithful to the traditional recipe bequeathed by the Ursuline Sisters. The shop has remained the same, with the same candy boxes and above all with the same tasty smell that comes from the workshop in the back shop. I can no longer pay in francs, but I can afford the luxury of falling back into childhood, which in the end is much more precious. And you, what memories will you create for yourself when you taste the Saint-Emilion macaroons?

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