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The Monolithic Church - Agnès's favourite


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This huge lady carved out of a single block of rock...


Native of the region, my favorite is the monolith or "monolitre", as I have often heard in the mouths of visitors, experts in puns...


This immense lady dug in a single block of rock at the end of the 11th century fascinates me and will always captivate me.


I like to enter it and imagine it in its splendour. The windows, nowadays condemned and 11m high, were supposed to let the sun's rays penetrate, which certainly illuminated the draperies, tapestries and other hanging hangings.


Each altar had to be surmounted by marvellously carved wooden modules, lit by the flames of the candles that remained lit.


With all these sources of light, the frescoes with their shimmering colours must have been so beautiful and the bas-reliefs so imposing. As a guide I have the chance from time to time to accompany singing lovers, who like to test the acoustics of this sacred place.


There and only at that moment if I close my eyes, the sleeping beauty comes back to life and colours, for my greatest happiness.

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