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Le Château de Vayres - Solène's favourite


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Place des Créneaux

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As I travelled through the area, I discovered a monument that seduces as much by its history as by its playful visits: it is the Château de Vayres!



This building, built as early as the 13th century, allows you to travel through the centuries, from the Middle Ages to the 18th, through the Renaissance and the 17th century. In each room, you can discover what made each period special. The visits are entirely adapted to families ... the many anecdotes told by the guide invite us to enter into history!



I was amazed to discover magical places full of treasures during the visit :

  • in one of the chapels, it is possible to whisper in a wall and be heard at the other end of the room...
  • the Renaissance salons showcase the beautiful Louis XIV period furniture.
  • and some rooms have tapestries and heads of naturalized animals hanging on the walls... creepy.


While crossing these rooms, I really had the impression to travel in time and to walk on the steps of the no less famous Henri IV who was one of the owners of the place! Classy, isn't it?


But the Château de Vayres is not just a castle! It is surrounded by superb formal gardens overlooking the Dordogne. The landscape is magnificent and so peaceful... At the end of my visit of the castle, I went for a walk in the alleys before plunging into the more wooded part at the back, without forgetting to say hello to the hens who live in the henhouse on the side!


There is also a survey game to discover the site in a playful way. I'll have to go back there to test it ...


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