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Château de la Rivière: a magical place, overlooking the vineyards and the Dordogne - Gretel's favourite


"A magical place, overlooking the vineyards and the Dordogne"



"During my internship at the Tourist Office, I was lucky enough to be able to visit an exceptional wine estate in La Rivière, in the Fronsadais.  


After a twenty-minute drive from the Saint-Emilion Tourist Office, we arrived at the imposing gates of the château and we took a long winding road through the woods leading up to the property. As we got out of the car, we were greeted by birds singing and the reassuring calm of nature.


We joined Marie, the wine tourism manager, who was waiting for us for a private tour of the property. Before the guided tour, we were also able to enjoy the spring weather and the breathtaking views over the vineyards and the Dordogne: a real treat!


Marie then took us inside the chateau, where we visited the Chapel, the Hall of Arms, and the various salons that are usually reserved for B&B guests - we were very lucky!


We continued our tour, with a change of atmosphere and temperature, by visiting the underground cellars. In fact, the château has a total of 28 hectares of underground galleries, with 8 hectares accessible for visits! As we walked through the cellars, we were surprised to discover a room with a large table and chairs carved out of stone, to host end of season meals for example! An unusual and memorable experience in the cellars. In addition, these underground cellars house a "museum" section, with old barrels and bottles from the estate - as if part of the cellar had been frozen in time! To our surprise, when we left the underground cellars we found ourselves in the château's exhibition room: a sort of secret passageway leading to these endless underground cellars!


We finished our visit with a tasting of the 3 wines, on the terrace in the shade of the wisteria and finally we had a look around the shop!


All year long Marie and her team will be delighted to welcome you to this beautiful property, for an unmissable visit in the Grand Saint-Emilionnais area !

I hope to be able to come back very soon to this magnificent property, which takes your breath away!  Perhaps for the Festival Confluent d'Arts, which takes place in the Park of the Château de La Rivière, from the 7th to the 9th of July 2022! "

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