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The labels of the wine-making sector


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Numerous labels have been created with the aim of highlighting the quality of our heritage (viticulture, agricultural etc ...) to give it all the visibility it deserves to the public ; tourists or consumers.


The national label



The label "Vineyards and Discoveries"


In order to promote wine tourism, now called "oenotourism", the label "Vineyards and Discoveries" was instituted in 2009 by the Ministry of Tourism and Agriculture.


The duration of the labeling is 3 years for oenotouristic destinations offering various touristic products : visits of cellars and wine cellars, accommodation, restaurants, wine bars, cultural and/or natural and/or intangible heritage, tourist offices etc ...


All the beneficiaries of the label are committing to :

- Respect all the criteria of the rules of the label "Vineyards and Discoveries"
- Advocating and apply responsible consumption


In 2011, 19 destinations in France such as Dijon Côte de nuit and Muscadet Loire Océan were already labeled "Vineyards and Discoveries".


6 wine roads were labeled in Gironde in the end of 2015 :

- The Wine Roads of Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion, Pomerol and Fronsac
- The Wine Roads of Bordeaux, door of the vineyard
- The Wine Roads of Bordeaux in Entre-Deux-Mers
- The Wine Roads of Bordeaux in Graves and Sauternes
- The Wine Roads of Bordeaux in Médoc
- The Wine Roads of Bordeaux in Blaye and Bourg



The regional labels


The Bordeaux vineyard counts 4.3 million visitors each year, which explains the multiplicity of wine tourism labels in the region of New Aquitaine.



The label "Vineyards and Cellars in Bordeaux"


This label was created by the Departmental Tourism Committee of Gironde (Gironde Tourism) and is today the most present in New Aquitaine.


It guarantees a quality welcome in wine properties, wine cellars and other oenotouristic places. About 500 places in Gironde have this label.


The certified wine professionals are anxious to transmit to the public their passion as well as to promote the quality of their wine and their place of production.



The label "Vineyards Destination"


This label issued by the region of New Aquitaine is aimed at all the vineyards of the region. Today, there are about 700 vineyards labeled "Vineyards Destination".


The estates labeled correspond to a very precise charter guaranteeing:

- the respect for opening hours and opening periods

- the information on the languages used into the property

- the price display

- conditions of visit

- the provision of tourist information

- the respect of the environment.



Careful : Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health. Please drink responsibly.

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