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CHATEAU-FIGEAC, 1st Great Classified Growth "A" of Saint-Emilion, offers the elegance and the refinement of the greatest Bordeaux wines.

The estate’s location is remarkable, as are its outstanding terroir and its history, which is inextricably linked to that of Saint-Emilion.

The Manoncourt family, which has owned the estate for 130 years, has shaped the unique character of the CHATEAU-FIGEAC of today.

Situated to the west of Saint-Emilion bordering Pomerol, CHATEAU-FIGEAC is a stunning vine-growing location.

With their highly refined sensitivity, the Manoncourt family have created and nurtured a “Figeac culture”. Hospitality has been part of the estate’s DNA since the 1960s. This goes beyond simple matters of taste, because Figeac has not just a body but also a soul. The spiritual life that prevails here is fostered by the ecosystem and the Figeac team. Nourished by history and highly precise skills, each member has the feeling of writing the story of each vintage in a great Book of Hours, driven by a constant quest for excellence in which pride and humility go hand in hand. A true art of living, it conveys a humanism of the vine unique in Saint-Émilion at the same time as being key to soaking up the spirit of the place.

Every visitor is welcomed as a friend, roaming the vineyard, the new winery and vat-house as they will and can, rambling through history, asking a myriad questions. The tour is above all time shared, culminating in a guided tasting of one or two wines. A visit to Château-Figeac may well turn out to be an awakening…


  • Price of the visit (for individuals): 80€/person


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Château de Figeac

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