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Office de tourisme du Grand Saint-Emilionnais

Are you looking for a family activity? A way to discover the picturesque sites of Saint-Emilion, while keeping the younger ones amused? Robin, an emblematic character straight out of the Middle Ages, is the guide you need.

In the form of free game books, he takes the whole family on a discovery tour of the village's cultural and environmental sites.

Children aged between 3 and 15 will have to use their powers of observation and logic to solve Robin's riddles (there are several levels of difficulty).


It's easy to play with him: choose your route and pick up your booklet directly from the tourist office.


Once you've got your booklet, you can set off on your own adventure. The routes, riddles, puzzles and various games to solve follow one after the other, and the visit is all in good fun. Follow the signs, look around carefully, solve the riddles and, once you've filled in the booklet, go back to the tourist office to check your answers and collect your gift, including the precious sesame: the route sticker!


You can also print your booklet online>


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Office de tourisme du Grand Saint-Emilionnais


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