Nautilus The escape game

Nautilus The escape game

Get ready to board the Nautilus!

In this immersive game, discover the secrets of the mythical ship, meet Captain Nemo and his travel companions.

Discover gigantic underwater creatures, explore famous submerged places, dive into the fantastic universe of Jules Verne.

Through this original game based on mapping, the visitor approaches, reads, reflects, takes a step back, hesitates, manipulates, finds the solution of the mystery (or not!) while discovering or rediscovering this extraordinary work.

Will you be able to gather all the clues? This is how the Captain’s chest will open!

With friends or family, everyone will have their place in this game inspired by escape games, to learn more, find what has been lost and perhaps even find what we were not looking for.

Jules Verne, father of science fiction & L'Artisan Numérique have not finished surprising you with Nautilus Immersion!


From 10€ per person 


July 26 and August 2 and 3 

Château Pujols
15 Le Bourg
33350 Pujols

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